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Google Posting Tool

Google dominates the Internet. There’s no other way to put it. What Google says more or less goes. The search engine itself receives more traffic than all other search engines combined. Add that with YouTube, the second most popular search engine, and no other company comes close to offering what Google does. However, Google does provide a host of beneficial tools for companies such as your own. From software designed to compete with Microsoft Office to easy management applications that help make managing your uploads easier than ever before, there’s a good chance Google has a tool designed to make your life more productive. One such feature is the new posting tool from Google. SimpleMachine is here to help educate you on these new features and assist in keeping all your Internet postings organizes and up to date.

Google My Business API

The Google My Business API provides a host of great features your business needs to take advantage of. For starters, you can verify your business account. This is a must. You don’t want someone else claiming your business (such as the competition) and posting negative content about it. You can also connect Google Maps and other Search features directly through Google My Business.

With this tool you can do so much more than just claim your business though. You can upload your website information, post photographs and editing the company profile, nearly the same as you would a traditional website. You can also use it to update new hours of operations (which is a nice feature during the holidays), upload new blog posts while also staying on top of what others are writing and how they comment about your business.

Automate Posts

Staying on top of a posting schedule takes time and effort. For small businesses, this is time away from other tasks and projects throughout the day. Even a business with a social media manager, there are so many other accounts to stay on top of and to maintain client interaction with, staying up on these posts becomes more and more challenging. With the automated post feature, it is possible to post new updates, blog posts, responses to reviews and so much more. By automating the entire process, it is possible to schedule these posts out. This way, instead of constantly logging in and attempting to stay on top of everything, it can be scheduled out at the beginning of the day (or even weeks in advance) so everything goes out when it should.

Rank High In Search Engine

One reasons it is important to take advantage of the search engine giant’s tools and applications is because when you do, it helps improve search results and boost rankings. This is one of the ways Google ensures Web users keep coming back. So instead of using third party service provider for automated posts and company listings, using the new posting tools does not only this but boost SEO.

Regular posts to social media and the assortment of Google accounts is important. This keeps your website not only constantly crawled by search engines, but it also keeps customers and readers coming back for more. Staying on top of all these posts by yourself is difficult to do, as you have so much else to handle during the work day. Thankfully, the new Google posting tool makes this easier than ever before. If you’re interested in learning more about the Google posting tool, want help building your Web presence or are ready to take your Internet profile to the next level, make sure to contact Simplemachine at your earliest convenience.

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