3 Changes You Need to Make to Your Web Design in 2015

Web design is ever-evolving and a huge part of this era’s culture. Keeping up with the latest design advances technology and boosts the efficiency of a web page. Specifically, it makes using web pages easier and more appealing to the eye. Three key advancements – responsive design, flat design and ghost buttons – are some of the most urgent progressions of web design in 2015 for they provide more effective ways of viewing a webpage, especially when looking at web design in Arkansas.  The state of Arkansas has many outdated websites on the internet that need to be fixed in order to remain relevant.  You wouldn’t want your business to fall off the map simply because your website it not up to date would you?  Let us help you!

Responsive Viewing Design

Responsive design involves the way a site is viewed; it basically provides easy navigation with the lack of scrolling and resizing, and the ability to be used across all devices such as mobile phone and tablet. Responsive design works to achieve the smoothest way of interacting with a webpage. For example, it makes a very large image still viewable whether you are on a phone, computer or tablet; the image is never pixelated. In a nut shell, you would not need to alter anything when on a webpage; it is all easily accessible.  Unlike a lot of websites still out there, you will no longer need to use your fingers to pinch the screen and zoom in to see a web page.  You also don’t need to try and use your fingernail to tap on the tiniest of navigation menus.  It’s simple, be responsive!

Exceptional Flat Design

Flat design is more about creating space with the use of flat images. It creates space by minimizing it, which provides more room for information without it being overwhelming – and it is also more visually appealing. The Arkansas web design company Simplemachine aims at getting everyone on board with these designs as they provide the best ways of achieving excellent visual images and transitions that are appealing to the eye.  These designs also provide the easiest way to interact with a webpage, as it minimizes scrolling and having to search for information.  Apple’s new Yosemite OS took a flat approach to their design and we love it.  No longer do we have to look at the chrome and glass looking icons that were popular back in 2001.  Flat design is in and that’s good news for us – keep it simple!

Appealing Ghost Buttons

Rather than clicking on links that redirect you to different sites, ghost buttons are clear buttons that allow you to access information without having to be directed to a new site. Everything is accessible through one page, the buttons are not distracting and are fairly stylish. Ghost buttons are a primal design of Arkansas Web Designers, who not only design webpages within Arkansas, but throughout the country.

There are many more changes to make with your Web Design in 2015, such as parallax scrolling and card design and we will discuss these design elements in our next design article for 2015. However, three of the most imperative creative elements include ghost buttons, responsive and flat design that focus on making a webpage more appealing and accessible. For more information about Simplemachine and Web Design in 2015, visit simplemachinedesigns.com.


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