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Having a website for your business is the perfect way to promote all your products and services. A website captures the attention of online shoppers, and it allows them to have a place to shop. For you to attract as many potential clients as possible your website needs to be interesting and catchy. Additionally, the website should be easy to maneuver and operate. WordPress is a website builder which is used to build a website from scratch. This is the easiest platform to create and update your website. You don’t need to hire a professional to update your website since you can do that by yourself when using WordPress.

1.    Versatility

Using WordPress for your website allows you to have a large versatility of plugins and themes. WordPress allows you to make your website look good and have much neat functionality. You can add great picture slides on your website and make it look amazing. Additionally, you can add a perfect contact form and fill all your details. By the use of plugins, you can download and add any third-party pieces in your software and make your website look different. You can choose all the cool things that you want to have on your website. Adding plugins can transform your WordPress from something simple to a massive website very easily. This is what makes it very popular and easy to use.

2.    Computer-Mediated Communications Functionality

WordPress has straight forward computer-mediated communications (CMC) which are easy to understand. This allows you to edit your website without the use of a developer as it has some simple steps to follow. The CMC is straightforward and easy that a beginner can change and update your website. The best part of it is that you don’t need to learn to code or be an expert in all the coding details for you to do it.
Moreover, the CMC allows you to use any file from the PDFs, JPGs, and MPGs. Also, you can store content assets without the need for hiring an expert to do it for you. This is a functional content management system that works better than any website builders.

3.    It Keeps on Upgrading

The best part of using WordPress as a website builder is the fact that it has a lot off upgrades that will make your website rank. This website builder is an open platform where the public has access to everything. This means that in case of any weakness or vulnerability it can be seen very fast and be fixed on time. Additionally, in case of an update or upgrade the public is alerted immediately to keep up with the trend. However, for you to notice any weakness, vulnerability, or the need for an upgrade you always need to be updated and keep up with everyone. This website builder can have more upgrades since any company’s resources do not limit it and the community powers it.

4.    It is SEO Friendly

One of the benefits of using WordPress as a website builder is the fact that it is SEO friendly. When using this website builder, there are higher chances that your website will rank higher. This is because it helps you add images, enter Meta descriptions, and use of other important details that enable your website to have great index pages. Additionally, this platform is designed in an easily accessible way, and it is continually optimized. The search algorithms are updated frequently, and this can make your website rank lower if you are not updated on the changes. However, websites using WordPress still rank higher this is because the platform upgrades its system often to keep up with Google.

5.    It has a Great Security

When creating your website, you need to consider how secure it is and how protected it is from hackers. Hackers are unpredictable, and you need to ensure that your website is secure. This is to protect all your important data and business secrets. The WordPress platform is very secure and safe for intruders to hack. This is because they keep upgrading their systems and checking any weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They correct them and ensure that the platform is safe. However, for your website to be fully safe, you need to be updated with every update done on the platform. Additionally, if you have questions about the upgrades the platform team is always ready to help you solve the issues and answer any of your questions.

6.    It is Completely Customizable

The best part of using WordPress as a website developer is that it allows you to customize your website to what you want. If you want to have the perfect DIY website, then using this platform is great. Additionally, if you want to create a unique website for your business, you can use this platform. It fits in all your needs from starting a professional website for your business, to get a DIY website about your hobbies and customize the website you may have. The platform is very user-friendly, and you can easily learn how to navigate it by yourself. Whether you are updating your website, adding images, or starting from scratch this platform always works great.

7.    Operates at Low Prices

Having a website running can be a little costly as you have to pay for the ongoing costs and cater to all the needed updates. WordPress is a little affordable since it doesn’t have a lot of the ongoing costs. For example, you don’t need to pay a licensing fee to get your website up. They have affordable hosting options that are friendly to your pockets.
Additionally, they offer free themes that you can try. Also, they have plugins that are used to modify your website to how you want it to be. You still need to keep updating your website from time to time.

8.    Highly Responsive

When creating your website, you need to get a highly responsive website builder. You need to have a platform to launch a website that will work great and make your site look good. People use many devices to access the internet from mobile phones, tablet, iPads, and computers. A website builder should be able to register which device is being used so that it can display it in a clearer and better way. Most websites don’t look the same when you view them via the phone and the computer. This is because of the difference in the screen size. The platform you are using to create your website should be able to recognize the device. WordPress has great responsiveness, and your website will always be visible in any device. This ensures that you get enough traffic and higher revenues.

Creating a website for your business is a great way to tap in online marketing. Most businesses depend on online marketing since consumers spend a lot of time on the internet. Contact Simplemachine get a great website that will boost your business. Creating a website using WordPress makes it easier to update any images and make your website look great.

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