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Social media plays an important role in helping you grow your business. A solid online presence ensures prospects and customers can easily find your business. Understanding the needs of your customers is the key to implementing effective marketing strategies. Ensure you work with a professional marketing agency for positive results. Having active social media pages allows you to engage your audience and communicate your company’s message. Marketing strategies require you to put in the effort and be consistent for you to get a reasonable ROI.

1. User-Generated Content

Leveraging user-generated content is a cost-effective way of increasing your social media presence. When prospects see how current customers are using your products, they get undisputed proof of usability. User-generated content has an advantage over other marketing channels because customers who have tried your products easily convince prospects. User-generated content works like word of mouth campaigns, and it is very effective. Users get a sense of belonging when they are associated with your company, and in return, you get free marketing. Prospects get persuaded since they can see the products you offer will cater to their needs. Loyal customers marketing your products increases your brand awareness and business credibility.

2. Native Advertising

As opposed to the usual ads, native advertising ensures your prospects’ browser experience is not interfered with. You can market your business without users feeling like you are pushing products down their throats. Social media platforms are an excellent place to launch your native advertising strategy. With a ready audience, you are guaranteed to increase your online presence and penetrate new markets. Pop up ads are frustrating, and that is why many people use ad blockers. With native advertising, you can reach your target audience even with ad blockers turned on. Native advertising does not affect your click-through rates since no user will be frustrated by an ad showing up on their screen unsolicited. Native advertising does not look like ads, and your user will not be spooked by pop-ups. Social media has a receptive audience, and native advertising is guaranteed to do well.

3. Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is a new trend that has taken social media marketing by storm. Planning a bulletproof online marketing strategy involves including the latest social media trends to ensure you meet your customers’ expectations. Implementing augmented reality ensures you stay ahead of your game so that you don’t lose loyal customers to your competition. With virtual reality, you enable buyers to reduce the risk of buying a product they have doubts about. Virtual reality enables users to introduce objects into a real-life setting to see if it is complementary or not. This is especially common in the fashion industry and interior décor. Giving customers and prospects a personalized user experience ensures they choose you over your competitor.

4. Optimization for Voice Search

It might not seem like it, but optimization for voice search helps improve your social media presence. Improvement in voice recognition has made voice searches quite popular. Aside from having active pages on all relevant social media platforms, ensure you make voice command friendly content so that when people make voice searches you rank high on search result pages. More and more people are using voice searchers to find local businesses using smart devices. Voice searches also favor long-tail keywords as they are conversational. Optimizing your website and social media pages for voice searches ensures you push your profit margins thanks to the new revenue channels. Voice command friendly content ensures you rank high when people make verbal commands on smartphones.

5. Videos

The use of videos on social networks is a big online trend that will be around for a long time. Video marketing continues to grow, and the ease of access makes it an effective social media marketing strategy. More people are spending time watching videos rather than reading content, and it will do your business great good if you incorporated video in your marketing plan. Mobile internet video marketing offers authenticity which is one of the things customers look for in local businesses. With live streaming videos, you don’t have to worry about editing costs and customers get an undoctored version of events. Live videos give you the opportunity to answer real-time questions from your followers. You can cover an industrial event and have your followers watch the live feed. Establishing your business reputation ensures that you have a solid online presence. Video version of written content is guaranteed to reach a wider audience as opposed to posting written content.

6. Omnichannel Marketing

Customers have become sophisticated, and it is not possible to tap into the potential of your business without omnichannel marketing. Being able to track customer data even when they are using more than one shopping channel ensures you don’t lose business. Omnichannel marketing allows you to cater to customers’ individual needs and showing them you pay attention to detail. Whether a customer uses email subscription or social media platforms to make transactions with your business, you get to keep track of their data. Ensure you give instant replies on the comment section and in chatboxes as well. Consistent and seamless communication enables you to nurture prospects into actual customers. Omnichannel customer engagement ensures you have a high customer retention rate. Working with a professional agency ensures you have a dedicated team at your disposal t help with planning and execution.

7. Chatboxes

Your customers and prospects are social beings, and constant engagement enables you to develop a relationship of trust. Chatboxes on different social media networks allow you to communicate with prospects and convert them to customers. Ensure you are prompt in replying to questions customers ask in chatboxes. Seamless interaction with customers shows that you are a customer-centered company. Instant replies are guaranteed to boost your business’ reputation as customers are always looking for a personalized experience. When your business is easily reached on social media networks, you can increase your revenue streams and boost your bottom line. Customers will use their interaction with your brand to gauge whether or not they should purchase your products.

8. Influencer Marketing

Influencers have many followers, and when they market your products on their page, you get to penetrate new markets. Consider working out a standard payment scale with the micro influencers you are working with for better results. The credibility of your business increases when an influential social media user is using your products.

9. Millennial Marketing

Millennial marketing makes your business future proof as generation Z is crossing the adult threshold and factoring in their shopping habit into your marketing strategy ensures you don’t lose customers. Many Millennials are active on social media and forging strong bonds with them guarantees that they will choose your business over your competitor’s. Having a business that appeals to true digital natives ensures you can push your profit margins by leveraging their high social media usage.


Working with a professional digital marketing agency ensures that you have a dedicated team to help with strategic planning and execution. Implementing the latest trends allow you to connect with your audience.

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