A Guide To Freelance Content Management

A Guide to Freelance Content Management

As a small business owner, it isn’t always within your budget of time to write blog posts and create content for your company. Further than that, you might be looking to increase your SEO rankings, improve your social media engagement or elevate your overall reputation. If you’re in a predicament of wanting widen your customer engagement and not having the time to reach out to people, it is definitely time to consider a freelance content marketing manager. At the moment, there is no better time than the present to dip into the well of freelance content creators to bolster your online presence. There are article every day being written, from Time to Fast Company, about the immense opportunities for the freelance community and the wealth of talent for brands an companies to choose from.

When looking for content managers, you want to be sure to search for someone who can effectively communicate your brand with and educate your customers of the value of your product. Obviously, the level of skill and experience play a huge role in any hiring deliberation, but especially one of this magnitude.  Whether it’s an email marketing campaign, infographic or an eBook, the information being relayed to buyers has to spark their attention and move them enough with your content. Your content manager should be developing your creative initiatives into actionable items that are organized across content calendar, which will be the master schedule for your manager to be disseminating your marketing materials. According to research done be CMI, 53% of content marketers have a documented strategy. Yet, more than being prepared, having freelancers who are enthusiastic about your work and your company is essential to the success of your content management plan.

Many aspiring and professional writers have found content marketing to be a viable source of income, in lieu of being able to make a consistent living off of creative writing. While the field has been a great resource writers, many talented scribes are unable to make the clean transition to content marketing because they forget a few key things. Firstly, they don’t bring any kind of network to the table. Talented writing is definitely a plus in content writing, but beyond being able to write well, you’ll want to have a network of people that you are able to reach out to, utilize and call upon. Whether you’ve built this network from a client’s resources or through online mediums like Twitter and LinkedIn, events, groundwork with local business or your friends, you must ensure that you are entering the field ready to make use of all of your sensible options.

For those looking to get even more information for content creations and management, the Content Marketing Institute has been an invaluable resource for those on both sides of the content marketing spectrum. The site, which offers a wealth of articles, research, training and publishes its own magazine, has been around since 2007. Hubspot also offers a fairly comprehensive archive with their Marketing Resources Library, where the subjects of their free guides range from Mastering the Art of Omni-Channel Personalization to The Internet Marketing Written Style Guide. As far as writing utilities, grammar and utility tools like the Hemingway app and the Read-Able tool or invaluable for any content creator.

Above all else, communication is the number one key to having a fruitful relationship between a brand owner and a freelance content manager. Executive buy-in and collaboration with the content manager ensures that the long-term vision of the brand is being met and relayed clearly at all times. Before any marketing team can be assembled and definitely before a brand sees any return on investment, the marketing team and the executives of the company have to be on the same word of the same page to kick start the campaign. It is especially important because, especially in this new world of content marketing, results may not appear so clear at first and it is imperative, if the plan and materials for the marketing strategy are good and fully agreed upon, that executives of the brand be patient and allow for the long term view to manifest itself.

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