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Web Design and Architecture have been changing in an identical pattern.

The best Arkansas web design is based on architecture’s history

Web design has been evolving rapidly through out the years. You can see how companies transform their websites to more advanced and eye-catching layouts that would surely meet every person’s eye.  Design evolves as exponentially as everything else does, making web design a continuous and changing digital art.

Have you noticed that web design has been changing in a pattern identical to architecture’s history? Yes, this is true. If you observe websites today, you would also say the same thing since architectural trends in the past are similar to what you see in web design today.

Comparing architecture with web design


Just like the ancient Stonehenge that was a limited and very simple structure, web design started out in a very basic interface. Websites in the earlier stages of the internet consisted of plain text on a white background. Every website looked similar, basic and most of all limited.


In architecture, buildings started to have some detail to it. This rose to pillars with patterns, making them a bit more decorative than the previous era. Web design went through a classical stage where it already had some graphical content such as buttons and small images.


Architecture evolved from classical when it shifted to having structures more thick and rounded at the edges. This gave a noticeable change in structures. Web design also employed rounded buttons and larger clicking areas identical to the improvements of the buildings in architecture during the Romanesque era.


Buildings in the Gothic era were more into small details that looked spectacular when seen as a whole. The more details, the better and this is how this style works. Web design also evolved into having Java and CSS programing which allowed websites to program their interface with mind-boggling animation.


After a very detailed era, simpler art became beautiful. Just like in web design, websites started to shift from heavily designed and animated websites to minimalistic themes where users concentrated more on content. Simplicity is beauty.  It seems as though we are currently in the Renaissance era in regards to web design.  Taking forms to their true state, minimizing everything to its simplest form and flat, minimal design is trending.

Increase website traffic by following the trend of web design

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Looking for the best web design service

Easier said than done. There are a lot of companies that offer web design for businesses that want to expand and grow fast through the use of the internet. Your only basis would be how a website looks and various testimonials given by their former clients, which may not be a good reference.

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