What You Should Look for in a WordPress Host?

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Best WordPress Hosting

You’ve decided to build or renovate your website, and you decided that WordPress host seems like the content management system for you. Every minute that a website is down or inaccessible can translate directly into lost profits, customers, and opportunities. More than anything else, your WordPress host should have a data plan that fits your online traffic needs for both transfer rates and overall usage as well as a reputation for consistent uptime. Affordability, level of customer support, and features like website building tools are helpful in addition to the core traits.

The Best WordPress Hosting Sites

There are dozens of available options for your hosting service, but this list has been narrowed to three of the best performers: GoDaddy, Dreamhost, and Bluehost.

You might recognize the GoDaddy name from their saucy advertisements, and the service has excellent server uptime, data rates, and subscription costs. The setup is slightly more complex than other hosts, and you will have to fork over extra for their website builder if you want to use it. Luckily, a responsive customer support service available around the clock offsets the learning curve. They also run both Linux and Windows servers, while Dreamhost and Bluehost do not.

Dreamhost starts at a higher price than most other hosting services, but it comes with a feisty set of features to make the price seem reasonable. The built-in security features work alongside your existing IT security to keep your website and the data moving through it secure. You will also receive unlimited data, Cloud storage for your site’s files, and it’s all covered by a money-back guarantee. Dreamhost is not for those unfamiliar with WordPress thanks to a lack of a website builder and slower customer support.

The last company on the list, Bluehost, is the simple solution for a not quite so simple problem. They do a great job of making the website construction process easy to understand and quick to accomplish, and you can quickly tack on extra features to your website through add-ons.

The Path towards a Digital Strategy

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