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An insightful blog has quickly become a necessity for those who own and/or manage a business. A blog is a means of connecting with the target audience in a manner that inspires trust and respect. Yet, any old content will not suffice. The quality, length, frequency, and other details of articles posted are extremely important. Let’s take a look at a few blogging tips that will help you make the most of your blog.

Blog With SEO in Mind

Google’s automatic algorithms make use of “spiders” that “crawl” along websites to determine their value. Fresh content, including that posted to blogs, matters a great deal to these spiders. But this does not mean you should churn out several new posts per day. Instead, a consistent stream of blog content that intrigues your readers will suffice. The blog theme should also be coded in a way that Google spiders can read it with ease. Furthermore, your blog posts should contain critically important keywords to your industry, your particular business, your location, and the needs and desires of your target customers. These keywords will boost your SEO as long as they are not used in excess.

Be Original

It is imperative that your blog content be unique. Do not replicate the content from other blogs, websites, or printed material. Run each post through a content screener, such as Copyscape, to ensure that the material is not too similar to other articles on the web. Google, as well as other search engines, harshly punish websites that contain duplicate content. It is, for this reason, prudent to outsource some or all of your content creation to SEO experts or professional writers. They are able to generate a steady flow of informative pieces that actually help customers solve problems.

Mobile Responsive

Nowadays, plenty of people read blogs on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Blogs that are not formatted correctly, or otherwise look odd on mobile devices, will be cast aside by potential customers. Google gives search engine ranking preference to websites that are mobile-friendly. Ensure that your blog is mobile responsive and you’ll rest easy, knowing that those who use smartphones and other mobile devices can access your blog posts with ease.

Load Time Matters

Your website and blog should load without delay. Fast-loading content creates an excellent user experience. Simplemachine knows exactly how to make use of cache plugins to boost website/blog speed, and accurately test load speed.

Incorporate Multimedia

Add some images or embedded videos to your blog posts and you’ll stand a greater chance of engaging your target audience. A string of words can become a bit boring. Separate lengthy paragraphs with embedded images or video and your blog will be much more dynamic.

Keep it Short

Attention spans are rapidly shrinking. Limit your blog posts to a handful of short paragraphs to ensure that your audience reads through the content in its entirety.

Remain Focused

Your blog posts should pertain to your business and industry. Do not attempt to break down the nuances of current events, unless they pertain to your particular business, industry, or locale. Furthermore, your blog content should help your target customers in some manner. If the blog posts don’t help readers solve problems, improve their lives, or obtain unique insight, they won’t return.

Simplemachine Content Creation

It is clear that creating high-quality blog content is not as easy as most assume. Simplemachine is here to help generate a steady stream of helpful blog posts that build a rapport with your audience. Contact us today to learn more about our content creation and web marketing services.

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