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Are you wondering where to find quality web design & SEO services for your Dallas, TX-based business? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Simplemachine, we have what it takes to make your business stand out above the rest. Located in Downtown Dallas, Texas in the Galleria Tower 1, we have the resources available to service your business through our website design, development, graphic design and online marketing services. We have clients spanning across the country in all types of industries. With our knowledge of web design and search engine optimization services, we can improve your business’ success online with not only a great-looking website but one that’s reliable and has the ability to be found in the search engines. Our clients see dramatic gains in revenue and client acquisition while utilizing our SEO services, and we urge your business to give us a shot! We look forward to working with you.


13355 Noel Rd.
Dallas, TX 75240

Toll Free: 877-524-6325


About Simplemachine

Owing to the size of the city and the number of businesses in the region, area businesses face stiff competition. It’s a friendly competition, of course. But it’s winner-take-all. You need to work day and night just to remain competitive.

That’s where Simplemachine comes in!

Built to be local, Simplemachine is all about helping small businesses like you stake a claim of the local market. We understand that it might be difficult to compete with the big companies with their unlimited budgets. We also know that you may be a relatively new company and therefore might be unable to compete with long-established companies in the area. But, we have a plan: a plan that has helped many small businesses get off the ground and quickly become envied enterprises in the region, a plan that could set you on the same path to mind-blowing success.

So, What’s the Plan?

Simple – to provide you with everything your business needs to succeed online. From marketing to advice and in-person support, we want to be there with you. Some of the key services that you can expect include;

  • Web Design – Whether it’s developing a custom website from scratch, redeveloping, or simply updating your site, we got it covered. Remember that we develop both commercial and non-commercial websites.
  • Graphic Design: From invitation cards to flyers and everything in between, Simplemachine makes the best graphic design products.
  • Design and Print: Aside from online graphic design, we also offer offline designing and printing. Take this advantage to create amazing marketing materials at a fraction of the normal cost.
  • WordPress Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is the way to go if you want scalability without constraints. And now, SimpleMachine is providing managed hosting for all WordPress websites!
  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing covers everything from content marketing to social media marketing and SEO to lead generation. We also offer video/photography so you can stand out from the rest.

Why Simplemachine?

There are endless reasons why you should choose us over other digital marketing agencies. These include:

  • We are local.
  • We are professional.
  • We are responsive.
  • We offer WordPress website training.
  • Our customer support team is the best.
  • We provide the whole package.

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Let’s begin that journey now: a journey to transform you and your business for good. We also serve Austin, Tulsa OK, and Arkansas. Contact us today at 877-524-6325 for a FREE consultation.

Cool Facts About Dallas

Feeling excited by the city already? Here are several fun facts about our hometown that will excite you even more;

  • On permanent display at the Dallas Public Library is one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence. This declaration was signed close to 250 years ago on July 4, 1776.
  • A number of high profile movies and TV series have been filmed in the area. These include; the Texas Ranger, Places in the Heart, Born on the Fourth of July, RoboCop, and Prison Break.
  • The first convenience store in American history, 7-Eleven, was established in Dallas. In fact, the corporation’s headquarters is still located in the city where it was born.
  • The Integrated Circuit Computer Chip was invented in Dallas in 1958. If you didn’t know, this chip is what was later developed into microchips that are used to drive computers today.
  • Dallas is home to the world’s largest permanent model train. The model train is on exhibit in the lobby of the Dallas Children’s Medical Center.
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