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Logo design, branding and corporate identity, brochures, magazine ads, postcards, banners, and much more. Simplemachine is Northwest Arkansas’ one-stop shop that will make your business look great, all the while conveying your message clearly and concisely. You need to stand out from the crowd in order to gain attention to your business. We’ll help you find the perfect look that best defines your brand.

If you are looking to create a logo for your new business or are needing to spread the word for your already established business, we have you covered with our logo design and promotional item design services. We have the know-how to create modern, timeless works of art that convey a message for your business. Our goal is to create something recognizable, something that distinguishes your brand from the rest of the crowd.

Why is your image so important? Your logo is most often the first thing your clients and customers see when they are searching for the services you offer. These potential customers are looking to place their trust with your company to make a purchase. Therefore, your logo has the ability to make a lasting impression in an instant. It can make or break your business, and whether or not your are looking for something modern, clean, whimsical, playful or corporate, the designers at Simplemachine have the skills to bring your image to life! So why not take the steps necessary to start making a lasting impression for your brand. Reach out to us today and we’ll make sure you’re thrilled with the final results!

Establish Your Brand

Our logo design and branding services are top-notch, making sure your identity is modern, clean and easily identified. Our goal at Simplemachine is to create timeless solutions for your business’s brand. Every business has its own personality or way of doing business. At Simplemachine, we aim to capture your business’ culture and encapsulate an image of how your business should be perceived within your logo. Your logo is a direct extension of your business, so why wouldn’t you hire a professional to create the perfect brand?

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Offering Vectorized Logo Services

Have you ever attempted to upload your company logo or another computer generated graphic to a website, only to discover it comes out looking pixellated? Perhaps you wanted to increase the size or adjust its dimensions, and yet this change suddenly made your logo look less than professional. Even without adjusting the dimensions of the logo, have you noticed it looks “blocky” when viewing it on a larger screen? Why does your logo do this when the competition doesn’t? It all comes down to vector vs raster images. It’s also one of the services Simplemachine branding provides.

Vector vs. Pixel Image
A pixel image, also known as a bitmap image (or a raster image), is a visual created with pixels. Pixels are small dots used to create a digital image. When you create a raster/bitmap image there is re-defined pixels. Think of it as a video. When projected in the correct dimensions the image looks correct. However, when you zoom into the image the video starts to take on the pixellated block look. This zooming in shows you each pixel of the pixel image type.

What Is Vector?
Vector creates graphics using a mathematical formula. This way, should the dimensions or display resolution change, the vector file will adjust accordingly, giving you a smooth looking visual. A vector file is perfect for a logo. There is a reason the Nike swoosh doesn’t look pixellated when on a billboard or when front and center on your television screen. It’s not because they are creating a 50-foot wide computer graphic to keep up the pixel density. It’s because the file saves as a vector file, allowing for the adjustment in size without reverting to the blocky appearance.

Creating a File Library
It is important to have a file library of your logo or other graphics you want to save as a vector file. As you use different files based on your particular project, you will need to have the correct file format to make sure you have the highest quality of visual display. In terms of a vector image, when presented on the Internet you’ll typically want a logo, chart, or any other image to adjust inside saved as a vector file (for photographs, you’ll want to use the pixel-based image).

There are a number of file types to choose from, but in terms of a vector file, the main file types will include a .pdf, .svg, .eps, and a .ai. (as for pixel images you’ll likely use a .jpg, .png and a .tif). If you use a specific image editing program it may use its own native vector file as well. Simplemachine will make sure you have the correct file type based on your professional needs. There is a reason why you get up to 300 different file types. This way, you will always have the right size and the right file.

Helping You Create a Vector File
If you have a logo and yet you’re finding it’s becoming pixellated wherever you’re using it, it’s because you have a raster file. Of course, you don’t want to recreate the file. That would take too long. Thankfully, there’s likely no need for that. Simplemachine can help you convert the raster image over to a vector file. This way, you can take the new file and use it anywhere, regardless of the size. So whether you want the entire backdrop or just a small addition to a website, the vector file is perfect. You just need to call Simplemachine for the vector services today.

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