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It is no secret, and probably comes as no surprise to you, that consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to and tired of traditional marketing and advertising messages. They quickly recognize these messages for what they are, and unless these consumers have a deep, abiding interest in the product or service, they will turn the page, tune you out or turn you off. It has become difficult to capture their attention, to say nothing of their interest.

You may have spent a lot of time and resources researching and defining your target market. You may have also developed a marketing strategy based on your understanding of the target’s interests and their potential reasons for using your product, and then designed a communications program to deliver your finely tuned messages. It is disheartening to find out that your target is ignoring what you are trying to tell them. Even if you have not done all this research and are instead sending the target market independent or unconnected advertising messages that attempt to connect product benefits with target interests, knowing that the target is not paying attention is still discouraging. So how can you regain the target’s attention?

Market Your Business The Right Way

Many businesses, just like yours, are turning to content marketing to regain their target consumers. Content marketing makes use of information that is useful and interesting to consumers in an effort to attract them to the company and its products. Rather than developing traditional advertising messages with obvious sales tactics, content marketing makes use of articles, videos, online content or even entertainment to connect a product with the relevant target market. The idea behind content marketing is to capture the attention of the target audience and communicate with them without being obvious about selling. With traditional marketing, consumers lose interest and their attention gets quickly diverted elsewhere. Content marketing makes use of information and material that is of interest to the target audience so that their attention gets captured and an association with the your company’s product is made, much like sponsorship of public broadcasting programs creates a positive image for the sponsoring companies. Content that is in line with the target’s interests and connects with product benefits and uses can market your product without the consumer realizing what has happened.

Use a Strategy 

Until recently, content marketing has been used by businesses without the benefit of much planning. However, as with all business activities, content marketing could be more efficient and effective if it were developed around a content marketing strategy. As with traditional marketing, planning the strategic use of content marketing and coordinating it with the other marketing activities helps to bring a unified approach to your product’s communication message. Since content marketing is centered on the use of media, traditional and social, your content marketing strategy should begin with an analysis of the target market’s media usage habits, along with the ways they integrate their media usage. Then, the strategy should determine the target’s interests with respect to the industry, companies, products and any associated topics that might be useful to help create associations between the target, the content and your company’s products. This information becomes the content of the articles, videos, and other media pieces aimed at your target market.

A strong, and perhaps successful, content marketing strategy will bring valuable, interesting and usable information to your target market. When the content makes a connection with your company and your products, which is the reason for using it, you will make buyers of those consumers in your target market. And, a sound strategy will also make your traditional marketing efforts stronger.

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