CoSchedule: A Review of the WordPress-Friendly Editorial Calendar

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The most effective online marketing reaches people on the sites and apps where they already spend their time. However, potential customers are spread over an array of social media outlets, making it difficult for small businesses and marketers to manage multiple accounts efficiently. One or more accounts may experience a lapse in content, and without regular content, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages lose followers, causing your firm to lose potential customers.

Editorial calendars are an excellent solution to this problem, allowing businesses to manage content across multiple platforms. Today we’ll look at CoSchedule, an editorial calendar with an intuitive interface and robust functionality.

CoSchedule’s Most Useful Features

  • Social Media Management – At its core, CoSchedule is a tool that allows you to schedule social media and blog posts on any social profiles associated with your organization. Not only that, but you can load in multiple accounts from the same platform, a stand-out feature for content marketing. For example, you might share a blog post through your company’s official Twitter account, your CEO’s Twitter account, and the LinkedIn profiles of your marketing team. Potential customers then access your message through official and individualized channels. This also enables marketers to easily handle campaigns for multiple clients.
  • Staff/Team Management – Another great feature is CoSchedule’s ability to help you manage your marketing team. You can grant staff access to the application, assign them tasks, and CoSchedule will email them reminders about upcoming deadlines. You can even break up one post into different tasks and assign those tasks to individual team members. This means that everyone knows what content they are responsible for and no important tasks get overlooked.
  • Cross-Platform Integration – CoSchedule easily integrates with the tools that you already use to compose and manage content, such as WordPress, Evernote, and Google Docs. This enhances the accessibility of the application. While CoSchedule’s online interface is intuitively designed, many users appreciate the option to continue using familiar interfaces.
  • Social Media Analytics – After you’ve composed and shared your content, CoSchedule makes it easy to track your ROI by providing analytics on shares, likes, and comments. You can monitor which posts and platforms are most effective and refine your marketing campaign accordingly.

Co-Schedule Review | WordPress Calendar View

Integrating CoSchedule Into Your Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing campaigns are complex endeavors. As you begin using CoSchedule, keep the following points in mind:

  • See a global view of your entire campaign – CoSchedule’s calendar view gives you a broad visualization of how different elements of your content marketing campaign work together. You can color-code content or clients, balance your posts across different social media, and monitor success through analytics, all on the same screen. This is a valuable tool for designing truly coordinated campaigns.
  • Collaborate with your team – Coschedule allows comments in the post editor, thus enabling you to receive feedback on aspects of the campaign from team members or clients. Staff members can share their great ideas, make a note of strategies that need refining, and all within the calendar view.
  • Customize your messagesEach social media platform has its own idiosyncrasies. It’s important to keep in mind what each platform does well and customize your posts accordingly. What kinds of content do people enjoy seeing on Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn? What limitations exist on each platform for text, links, and images?

Content marketing can feel like an unwieldy endeavor, but there are tools like CoSchedule that make it more manageable. If your firm needs further guidance, Simplemachine specializes in helping businesses meet their content marketing needs.

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