How to Create and Manage a Successful Google Adwords Marketing Campaign


Google Adwords can be a fantastic way to advertise and draw traffic and business to a website. However, Google Adwords management isn’t always the easiest to comprehend. Some essential keys to success are as follows:

Know your customer and understand the demand

A successful campaign starts right here. You need to know your target market, which will give you the lead in how to approach them. Making a list will help you to figure out your proper approach. In example, are your consumers local?Are they businesses or individuals? How will potential customers be searching for you- via mobile devices or a laptop? What do they know about you, your products and services and lastly, what are they looking to accomplish in their search?

Thorough keyword research to assure the keywords that you are advertising are actively searched on Google

While keywords are no longer the leading factor in running a successful Google Adwords campaign, this is still a very essential step. Thankfully, Google does offer a helpful tool to assist you with this. You enter the keywords that you think your consumers will be searching for your business and Google will suggest the most closely searched keywords and terms, how regularly they are searched and how competitive they are, as well as the cost to advertise for each keyword. Also, use the phrase option so that Google can suggest keyword phrases that are actively being searched in your realm as well. Once you have this information in front of you, you can begin to work on the ad itself.

Calculation and recalculation of maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) to effectively manage your Google Adwords budget

You’re going to want to go over this model several times and adjust as necessary throughout each quarter as your business fluctuates. This is a key component of Google Adwords management for your campaign. The max CPC is established based on website conversion rate, the profit per consumer as well and your targeted profit margin. There are various tools that you can use to help you in this conversion, but here’s a great way to set up your formula: Look at the average profit per customer. Then you have to look into your website conversion rate (how many visitors turn into actual customers). In example, if you have an average profit of $1000 per customer, and you convert 10 leads per 1,000 visitors on your site to consumers, you are at a 1% conversion rate. Google does offer help with this as well, but your Max CPC should be in the range of Google’s estimated CPC, or there will be an issue. You can play with the numbers to increase or decrease profit or conversion rate to get to a comfortable number on that keyword.

A well defined unique selling proposition (USP)

What is it about your company that will make you stand out from the crowd? What are you offering that is unique to your consumer to inspire them to click on your ad? How do you differ from your competitors in the same field and how do you relay that to your customer? Define each of these questions for your customer so that you stand out from the crowd. If they don’t know that they need your services or products, let them know why they do.
Google Adwords management isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself going cross-eyed trying to figure it all out, don’t be afraid to ask for help from professionals at Simplemachine.

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