How to Create Killer Instagram Content

Instagram Content

The quick adoption of Instagram is no coincidence. But with so many social sites, digital communities, and mobile applications to choose from, one may wonder what makes Instagram stand out. Well, the social platform has a wide reach, with over 400 million people estimated to be active Instagram users. Instagram also has a large social appeal and gives inspiration to many people.

But the big question is: how do you create top-notch Instagram content to jumpstart your Instagram strategy this year? Outlined below are some ideas for you to explore.

Create a Conversation About Your Subject

Instagram content is mostly made of images. Always strive to communicate through your images rather than just posting them for the sake of it. Whether it is a compelling story of hope or just a subtle message of beauty, it is the story that will make your audience get attached to the image.

On the same note, it is also advisable that you ask yourself why you are interested in capturing a particular image. Ask yourself what makes the image interesting to you as this will help you define the composition, emotions, and tone you want to convey with it. There is nothing as gratifying as someone seeing your image and relating to your message. Use Your Camera and Embrace Instagram Tools

Use Your Camera and Embrace Instagram Tools

There are hundreds of photo applications out there, and you may be tempted to use them when shooting an image to post on Instagram. However, most, if not all, don’t provide the same level of high resolution as your phone, so just stick to your phone’s native camera. You can import the image to an editing application afterward if you want to. That way, you will have complete control of cropping your images, and you will also have an original, just in case.

Use tools provided by Instagram to help you produce your image. Do not fall for the idea that only unedited or unfiltered photos are the best because this is ridiculous and outdated. Photographers always edit their content, so don’t feel afraid to do so as well.

Be Playful and Reinvent the “Selfie”

Try to create a story with your photographs. Remember, this doesn’t have to be something technical, so just keep it simple. Start using personality and light to give your pictures a meaning. You can even come up with silly ideas to shoot small details or scenarios. For instance, you can play with your cat, toys, or even food. It is one of the best ways of being creative when taking Instagram photos. This way, you will have the best life story clips of all time.

When it comes to creating selfies for Instagram, try to be creative. Even though just about anyone is capable of taking a selfie stick photo, not everyone is capable of achieving a real piece of art, so take a creative angle and everything will fall into place.

Keep It Real and Convey a Message

In order to get real moments with Instagram and not manufactured ones, it is advisable that you wait for them. For instance, find a perfect place to take your photos then just stop, wait, and watch. Without knowing it, you become a part of it, and life will just unfold in front of you. Also, believe in what you are shooting and remember to share photos that convey a message.

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