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Data overload has made the world a noisy place for consumers. They expect marketers to engage them as individuals, so entrepreneurs have spent years trying to awaken their clients’ senses online via an array of different types of digital marketing. Fortunately the correct components such as, the rich visual landscape of social media, video, and other media have made appealing to customers (and search engines) far easier than it once was.

SEO: A New Landscape

Search engine optimization has become far more diverse with the introduction of SEO video, which is 50 times more likely to win first-page search results. Those Google Hummingbirds don’t stop by if you have nothing more than an Oscar-worthy video, though. Google’s Query Deserves Freshness algorithm depends on tweets, shares, Reddit submissions and other indications of popularity. Your content needs to be engaging enough to earn the attention of humans before QDF will pay attention to you.

Internet users still read more than they watch, so your strategy needs to include the kind of content marketing that gains Google rank organically while connecting intimately with your audience. Even Dropbox, which is famous for its video SEO, has switched over to text-based optimization. Seth Godin summed up the core of content marketing when he said, “You need editors, not brand managers,” because if you’re to engage your potential buyers, you need to adopt relevant, personal, entertaining articles across blogs, social networks, and your website.

Product Listings and E-Commerce

All types of digital marketing have their own industry-specific benefits, and product listing ads are one of e-commerce’s hottest media. In only six months, their click-through rates have soared by 210% and kept on climbing by 19% annually. They give your inventory a starring role in your optimization, so they must fit neatly into your marketing strategy.

Optimizing Your Website

Your website hosts all the types of digital marketing content, white papers, and adverts you distribute through external networks, but if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, your customers will click into your competitor’s site faster than you can say ‘lost profits.’ You have five seconds to make an impression, after which your site should seamlessly take customers through the buying process. Your homepage needs to achieve five goals instantly:

Answer the ‘what are you about’ brand question
Tell customers why they should care
Win trust
Show customers how they can participate
Be newsworthy
The Marketing Funnel

Emails and social networks guide your customers through multiple touch points on their way to the final ‘buying’ decision. MarketingSherpa found that email campaigns delivered a 65% return on investment, but they must be tailored to several small niches.

Social media marketing has never stopped evolving. Every network has unique appeal to niche demographics, so it’s imperative that a campaign be built across the correct sites for your brand. Pinterest excels with its imagery and the amount of text space it allows for. This makes it a favorite for brands that rely on aesthetics. 41% of ecommerce traffic comes from Pinterest, but 75% of events marketers use Facebook instead. Most brands also use Twitter and Facebook as listening tools to:

Collect data about their target markets to refine campaigns
Keep an eye on what the public is saying about their brand
Address positive and negative reviews
Communicate with existing clients
Harness the power of customer influencers
Your marketing team needs to have the business savvy to put together a strategy that combines all the digital media that suit your brand best. Let us help you grow. Call us for a free consultation today.

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