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Your website is where potential customers go for answers. They don’t try to track down the physical store or give you a call. They want all of their questions answered upon arriving at your website. From what a product is made from, to physical store hours, your website not only needs to be user-friendly, but it needs to match how your customers’ shop. However, website design is more than merely building a functioning site. It’s about crafting to your customers and target audience. Here are three reasons why your website design needs to match how your customers buy.

1. Focus On The Customer

One of the biggest problems any company will run into within website design is focusing on the business, instead of the customer. The company will point out features and how great the product is, but it doesn’t directly speak to the customer. It’s important not to say why a product is excellent, but instead why it is excellent for the customer.

Customers buy products because it addresses the issues they have. Don’t point out the problem, but instead demonstrate how your product can help to solve it. Take a truck commercial. The narrator will tell the audience how much torque and towing capacity it has, which is nice, but these are only numbers until the ad shows the potential customer what exactly it can tow with these specs (such as a horse trailer or a boat).

Creating a website for a larger company can sometimes prove difficult. You have investors and even a board of directors to win over. They may want specific material within your website that does not help connect with your customer.  If you do need to present website design to a board of directors, you need to take advantage of data indicating why your customers will prefer certain features. The very best website design is always directly connected to consumer research.

Always focus on making life better for your customers. It may take a simple tweak at how you present information, but as long as you demonstrate how what you sell will make the customer’s life more comfortable, the design of your website will help draw in, retain, and boost customer sales.

2. Knowing Your Customers, Will Make Building Your Website Easier

You have a target audience. You know what they are most likely to shop for, what interests them, their educational & social background, and all kinds of other information. You use this information when crafting products to reach your target audience better. You also need to take what you know about your target audience and implement it into the creation of your website.

If using photography on your website, use photographs of people from your target audience. It’s easier to sell to a customer when you use models who look like them. You’ve already put in the market research to create a profile of your prominent target audience, so you have access to this information. Use it to build your website, and you’ll discover just how influential it can be in increasing customer sales.

3. The Shopping Habits Of Your Demographic

Knowing the shopping habits of your target audience will make it easier to customize your website and alter it to better fit within how your target demographic shops. For example, according to Progressive Grocer, 48 percent of Millennials are not yet brand loyal, so instead they will buy based on the best deal, while another 60 percent of Millennials shop using a mobile application. If your target audience is within this age range, you can alter your website to demonstrate what makes your product a valuable option over the competition while also focusing on the development of a mobile-friendly website.

On the other hand, if you target Baby Boomers, you’ll find that 82 percent of this age range buys the same brand they have been buying for years. Ninety-three percent are also more likely to shop with the same retailer. This means you may have your work cut out for you if you’re trying to push into the market place. However, you can attract new customers with an assortment of money saving coupons that make it impossible not to come over and try your product. Often it’s more about the potential deal, so highlighting the total savings on your website may help influence possible sales from an older generation.

These are three reasons why your website design needs to match how your customers shop. Website design is one of the most crucial elements of your site as it greatly influences the potential success of your company and the ability to convert visitors to customers. If you want to learn more about how website design can influence customer decisions, or how to maximize your Internet presence in the first place, make sure to contact Simplemachine today.

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