Top 3 SEO Myths For 2019 | Simplemachine

Top 3 SEO Myths For 2019 | Simplemachine

When you want to try out online marketing, you need to ensure that your website ranks high on Google. Most people tend to click on the first three websites listed after their Google search, and only a rare percentage move down the list to see what other sites are there. In order to have high traffic on your website, you should always aim to improve your SEO and the use of keywords. A great website that has high traffic is most likely to generate a great income. For this reason, you should always work at improving your website and ensuring that you’re ahead of the competition.

There are many misconceptions concerning SEO that could lead you to make the wrong decisions concerning your online marketing. The following are 3 myths you should avoid falling for in 2019:

1. SEO is a one-time effort

Most people think that SEO is like magic and once you have a great SEO, your article will automatically rank on Google. This isn’t always how it happens since you need to keep updating and tweaking your SEO to rank. This is because Google always changes its algorithms, and you need to be updated to keep up with your competitors. SEO requires you to be more committed to it and try improving it to fit the new changes. The content in your webpage may become obsolete with time as things change and new inventions are made. This may lead to your content page being stuck in the dark ages and being irrelevant to today’s world.

Additionally, you need to keep up with your competitors in order to survive in online marketing. Your competitors may be busy improving their content and staying more relevant to the market. This makes them stand out, and people would prefer reading their content. Also, you need to learn how to improve the rank of your pages by updating your keywords and making them more relevant to your area. Since local SEO changes daily, you need to keep up and update your website. The SEO evolves and changes in its complex structure, which can consist of rich snippets, images, videos, local listings, and social results.

Moreover, the SEO algorithms keep changing with time in order to safeguard information from hackers. You need to be on the lookout and update your algorithms to keep up with your competitors. The algorithm change provides users with a great experience and has rules they must abide by.

2. Updating a high-ranking post will make it lose its position in the ranking

Some people believe that if you update your content while it’s ranked high on Google, you’ll spoil it and make it rank lower. This has been an ongoing concern, and people have taken to social media to ask questions and to share different opinions. This issue has been a topic of discussion, and the truth of the matter is that updating your content doesn’t reduce the value of your article. On the contrary, this makes your article rank better and be able to compete well with your competitors. This doesn’t mean that you change your web page completely. You can add a few pictures to update your site and content.

Additionally, you can change the product you recommend to people. This could be because the previous product is out of the market or has some negative effects. Whatever the reason is, you can change the product and recommend a new product. Moreover, you can choose to update and change the outbound links as this will keep your content relevant and up to date. Also, you can update paragraphs that are not relevant to your content and make them more relevant and something that can be associated with the people reading your content. Leaving a post untouched due to fear of it not ranking better is a myth, and you should not follow it. For example, the phone market needs to be improved over time. As in the case of Nokia phone and the iPhone, back in the das, Nokia was its phone. Everybody was raving about  the phone and wanted to use it. Over time, the Nokia Company never upgraded their features, and this made them lose the market. This is the same scenario that occurs if you don’t update your website as your competitors will upgrade, and this will make you have fewer customers.

3. Higher Moz DA leads to more traffic

This has been a very popular metric that bloggers use for many years to show if their sites have higher traffic. Some bloggers become so obsessed with the Moz domain authority scores and spend most of their time looking at the score. They aim at improving the domain authority since they have a belief that this is what will increase their site traffic. The Moz is used to predict how well a site can do on SEO Google rank. They have a scorecard that runs from 0 to 100, and your website is given a score in between the numbers. They determine the score by taking a look at the backlinks of your websites. This is based only on the backlinks that the domain authority has discovered. The results are sometimes flawed because the use of backlinks is just one of the many ways that are used for ranking.

Additionally, Moz has been known to be bad at getting the correct backlinks in your website. This mistake makes them not to be reliable in giving you the correct answer as to how your website can rank on Google. This shows the use of Moz as a metric design to prove the SEO ranking of your site is not at all correct since they don’t use the correct information and number of backlinks.

Additionally, they don’t put other SEO ranking factors into consideration, and this leads to inconclusive results. Moreover, Google doesn’t care about the Moz DA metric results, and they don’t use those results to rank your website. What Google uses is how great your keyword search is and do you keep updated with the new algorithm that keeps on changing with time. Also, Google looks at your SEO and how efficient and updated it is. If you want to improve the SEO, you have to be committed and work toward improving your website. You need to ensure that the content you post is relevant to current affairs. If you provide quality information, customers will keep coming back for more. For this reason, you don’t need to spend all your time looking at the domain authority metrics since they have no impact on Google ranking. Instead, you can use this time and energy to improve your website.

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Online marketing has become more prevalent and important, and most people use the internet for advertising their products and services. This has made the business a bit easier, and anybody can get access to any product they may be interested in. For this reason, firms are trying any new ways to ensure that their website ranks higher than their competitors’. Contact simplemachine in Bentonville or Tulsa, OK or Dallas TX to help you in SEO and keyword research to ensure that your website ranks better.

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