Don’t Give Up on Facebook Advertising Just Yet

Don't Give Up on Facebook Just Yet

Marketing your business online can often be a rather tricky endeavor. There are so many variables at play you need to monitor far more than you ever did with traditional television or radio marketing. Of course, if you get all the variables just right, online ads can prove far more valuable and offer a better ROI. Facebook advertising is one of the top advertising methods online, right up there with Google. However, if you have tried Facebook ads and just saw your marketing budget bleed without much in terms of results, you may have pulled the plug on your Facebook prematurely. Instead of completely shutting down this avenue of ad work, you need to try a few different things before completely pulling the plug. There might be just one or two slight adjustments you need to make to the campaign to truly profit off of it.

Narrow the Niche

Naturally, the more clients you can reach the more customers you have coming in, or at least that is the general idea many people have. However, that really is not the approach you should be taking. You want a finely tuned marketing approach, so target a very specific key demographic. Before making any sort of progress with your Facebook ads, you need to create and develop a specific marketing platform to reach these individuals. If you are not completely sure of who to go after, use a service like Social Media Examiner. This service looks over all your current followers to generate what the average follower of your product looks like. From the region of the country they are from to age, gender, education, work life and everything else associated with your followers, you receive the desired results and have a much better idea of who to target. You may be surprised your initial Facebook advertising campaign proved to be way off. Who you think likes your products and who actually likes your products can often be two completely different entities.

The Lead Magnet

You need to generate and build a relationship with followers online. With a general, bland ad though, this really is not possible. Instead, you need to create a lead magnet, which attracts them to your company and advertisement. You can boast a promise, such as “Drop 10 Pounds by Summer” to reel in some visitors, or you can offer a nice give away, like providing a free hat with every purchase. You basically want to tickle their buying bone, and in Facebook, where there are countless other advertisements, you need to stand out with an excellent lead magnet.

Follow with the Follow Through

Did you notice your previous marketing campaign had a pretty good click-on rate, but it just didn’t generate any sales? This can be discouraging at first glance, since you basically paid for all of those clicks and didn’t profit off of it. However, if you step back, all of these people were intrigued by your ad and took the first step towards visiting your website or checking out your Facebook account. You just need to meet them half way. Create a follow-up campaign with Facebook’s Customer Audience device. You can then have special ads and content appear to only those who have visited and clicked on your ad. This can provide an additional deal they might not have received or it can simply remind them of why they visited your website in the first place. Sometimes a customer just needs a little push to pull the trigger on a new sale. This follow through can really help turn your Facebook advertising marketing completely around.

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