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Woody Allen wrote and directed just under 50 movies throughout his career. David Foster Wallace wrote a 1100 page book over the course of a year, and he reportedly wrote upwards of 25 to 50 pages a day. These two gentlemen seem like titans in the world of art in creating. How does anyone really write and directs a film every single year, missing only one or two, since the late 60s?

But the fact is, both of these famous masters of their craft ran into brick walls in their creativity. They probably implemented a few basic though incredibly important Ways to Boost Your Creativity to funnel creativity and keep things going. Below are just a few tips to help rival an acclaimed director, or maybe just to get things going.

Find a New Surrounding

Sometimes people get stuck in a rut creatively. What is needed is a change in scenery. Get outside and do some work in a coffeehouse. Isolate oneself in a room that is completely unique from before. It is important to find a new surrounding that can help outflow some additional creativity.


Daydreaming in middle school probably earned a lot of kids some frowns from their teacher and a stint in detention. But there’s nothing at all wrong with daydreaming to helps creativity. This might sound contradictory, but daydreaming could be unproductive. A good strategy to daydream is to take a certain topic and just think about it. Picture holding it. Picture how it can change and what things can make a change. Imagine an event and watch it play out.

Think About Someone Else

People are inherently influenced by other people. There are people that are famous and nonfamous that can be incredible sources of creativity. Take a specific person and imagine their life. Imagine what they are going through and what they have gone through the past.

These Ways to Boost Your Creativity drive at the very nature of people and they apply an ability to Restrict Yourself without being too limiting. They look at the mind as a wellspring of inherent creativity. It is simply about channeling that in the right way and at the right time to make the magic happen.

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