Adwords 101: Staying On Top of Google Adwords


Google Adwords management done correctly includes staying on top of the changes Google makes and being aware of current trends.

You may have noticed that Google has made some rather big changes. Among others, the number of ads displayed in search marketing results has changed. These types of changes make it essential for advertisers to stay on their toes to continue getting a good rate of return on their ads.

Adwords Customer Match

Ads displayed based on old searches have been changed with Google’s new Customer Match. This lets you create lists of email addresses which help to define and segment your visitors and customers into different interest groups.

The above link goes to an article in Search Engine Land that suggests you make different lists based off of your visitors and tag them to sets of ads. You would then take the information and adjust your Adwords bids accordingly.

By defining your bids and ads based off of your visitors and your customers you’ll be able to cut costs, achieve more profitable targeting and even get better rates on your bids from Adwords itself.

Educate Yourself for Google Adwords Management

Google adwords management goes beyond the changes Google makes. Many of us just aren’t educated and trained enough to even start making a profit from displaying ads.

This article from Kissmetrics gives a heads-up on the simple Adwords mistakes people make when they aren’t educated or trained in Google Adwords Management.

Correct Keyword Matching

It’s important to use the correct phrase, broad or exact keyword matching when creating your ads. Put simply, this means that searchers will find your ads based on the keyword matching you choose.

If you choose phrase match your ad will only show up if the whole phrase is entered into the search box. The phrase must also be entered the same way you entered it into your Adwords account.

A choice of exact match means the term searched for must be exactly how you entered it yourself in Adwords.

Negative Keywords

Many people don’t understand how to use negative keywords. Choosing negative keywords can actually make your job easier because Google won’t display those words when your keyword hunting. This can be a real time saver and cut down on your confusion sorting through hundreds of possible matches for your Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords goes beyond these simple things just mentioned. It takes time, trial and error before most of us get a handle on Adwords but it’s worth it.

Profitable Google Adwords Management

A profitable Google Adwords campaign can be difficult to set-up. For professional help updating your Google Adwords management contact Simplemachine.

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