5 Graphic Design Benefits Every Marketer Needs to Know

Graphic Design

Content is constantly evolving. While blogging has worked perfectly for B2C marketers in the past and whitepapers continue to reap big rewards in B2B marketing, the significance of graphic visuals can no longer be ignored. Whether you’re writing a blog post or creating a whitepaper, an accompanying piece of creative art will always go a long way. Even on social media, graphic artwork can significantly boost engagement rates.

Here are five reasons why;

Humans recall images better

Studies show that the average human can recall 80% of what they see. In contrast, people only remember 20% of what they read. Also, it has been found that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than plain-text. What all these stats tell us is that humans respond better to visuals.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

With thousands of other businesses competing for attention on the internet, there is usually a struggle to be recognized. So, how can you ensure that these potential customers notice your brand among the noise? How can you stand out? Well, creative work of art can help with this. And that’s where graphic design comes in.

Visual content generates more views per post

Even if you’re just interested in views, images still win the battle. Take an example of social media. On Twitter, 36% of tweets with images are usually shared compared to only 16% of text-tweets. Even video tweets (28%) are shared at a higher rate. And as you know – with more shares comes more views.

Graphic design will get you more inbound links

If you’re a B2B organization, you’ll really appreciate this (although it’s equally important to B2C). Graphic content pieces such as infographics are usually linked everywhere; in whitepapers, blog posts, industry reports, and so forth. In turn, this will get you more traffic and more quality leads.

Visuals are better at triggering user action

Finally, if you want your AR customers to take action, click on your buttons, comment on your posts, and click on your links, use visuals. A recent study by Web Marketing Group found that 40% of online users will take action if they’re viewing such content.

We want to help you create irresistible graphic designs

At SimpleMachine, graphic design is one of our specialty areas. Visit us at our office or contact us and let’s help you stand out with our simple yet powerful works of art.

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