Creating a Marketing Company

Today I’m going to explain to you the initial processes involved with starting a marketing company.  Although these early steps to creating a business apply to pretty much all types of business, whether it be a marketing company or a clothing boutique, the same steps are needed to be taken in the initial steps to forming a business.  However, even though it might take the same plan to form any type of business, I will explain my route to forming my web design, graphic design, and online marketing company, Simplemachine.

First and foremost, I feel as though it’s your first priority to create a name for your new endeavor, this usually follows with a logo design of some sort.  Although this step is not necessary to get the ball rolling, I feel as though it is very important to create a name, establish a brand, and figure out who the potential target market of your business might be.  You want to have a good understanding of what your business truly stands for and the goals planned out early on.  Without an image, it would seem as if you were headed into battle blindfolded.

Once a name is established and an image is defined, the choice to legally establish your business is your decision.  It can be costly to go through the legal processes necessary to create your business entity, so I advise that you wait until you truly know that your business is the real deal and all of the kinks are worked out.  Maybe wait until you have a few clients lined up and have successfully began to establish a portfolio. Once you have a steady flow of income, you can seriously consider taking your business to the next level.

This brings me to the marketing of your business.  If you are creating a marketing business, hopefully you already know what I am going to tell you.  Marketing is essential!  If you want to own a successful business, marketing is 100% necessary.  If sales are slow and the phone isn’t ringing, don’t cut back on the marketing budget to save money, increase your marketing presence and get out there to earn your clients.  In today’s day and age, marketing on a low cost budget is easy.  With social media in full force, reaching your potential clients can be free of cost.  Stay active on ALL social media platforms and start establishing an online presence for your business.  In addition to social media, I find traditional forms of marketing to be just as effective.  Going door to door to promote your business is a super cost-effective way to earn new customers.  With just a simple, “Hi, my name is ______ and I’m out here today promoting my web design business, do you mind if I leave a business card with you?,” you”ll find that with every venture out into your town, your almost guaranteed to find someone in need of your services.  If they won’t come to you, go out and find them.

Once your marketing is in full-force and the phone is ringing off-the-hook, it’s time to start projecting the future of your business.  After a few years of monitoring sales, costs and marketing trends, figure out what’s working best for your company.  Analyze and keep what’s working, and see if you can get rid of the rest.  After a while, after trimming the fat, your business should be running smoothly and efficiently.  The goals you set out in the beginning are hopefully starting to become reachable and everything is paying off.  There are many steps in between and further down the road that you will need to take and I will be writing next time to touch a few more topics.  This information covers only a few topics as it regards to starting a business.  I will continue trying to cover as many topics as I can when it comes to building your company.  I do feel as though it’s a great place to start. 


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