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How Important is a Website?

In today’s world, social media has become extremely important for marketing a successful business.  Everyone and their mother is on social media sites and without having a presence on these sites, I feel as though a business owner would be missing out on potentially reaching a huge amount clients (for basically free might I add).  If new clients aren’t what you’re after, and branding has no affect on your business, than by all means disregard this post.  However, even though there might be a couple businesses out there who operate in this manner, it still wouldn’t hurt to gain a social presence.  With the importance of social media, I’ve ran into a few businesses who feel as though websites are not necessary.  Although I do believe in the power of social media, having a website, and might I add a thoughtfully designed website, is absolutely essential.

I recently started working with a client who was searching for his next move from print ads and mailers to websites, social media and online consultations.  He had everything set-up, but was lacking that one essential item in his marketing arsenal, a website.  With a website, a business gains credibility immediately if it looks decent and works properly.  Your business’ web presence immediately climbs the ranks in search engines when you tie everything together with a website.  Without a website, your business has no direct image on the web, nothing that separates it from what everyone else is doing.  Sure you can have an awesome cover photo and wonderful apps on social media sites.  But, without a “,” you’re hiding behind your competitors, a business without an identity.  When you tie in your social media presence with your blog and your website, you open up a whole world of opportunity that you were never tapping into. I’ve seen it time and time again and continue to stress this to business owners lacking a website.  There are many companies out there who offer affordable web design without lacking quality.  Heck, I know of at least five great web design companies in Bentonville, AR alone.  If you’ve been putting it off or never thought it was necessary, I can assure you now is the time!


Remember, keep things simple, and if you have any questions as it comes to web design or marketing in general, feel free to shoot me a message at [email protected] or drop me a line at 479-286-1377.  We’re happy to be a part of the Northwest Arkansas community. 1202 NE McClain, RD. Bentonville, AR 72712.


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