How to Start Your First Blog with WordPress

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Blogging. It is one of the better methods available to to raise awareness about a brand, business, or hobby. There are a large variety of platforms available to use for a blog.  One of the more developed and integrated platforms is WordPress.  User-friendly enough to appeal to a beginner, WordPress also has a plethora of in-depth programming capabilities to make it also ideal for the more professional web designers.  The inherent makeup of a WordPress blog (or website) also gives it a boost when it comes to search engine optimization and visibility.  To begin your first WordPress blog, it is important to begin with a strong foundation:

.Com vs .Org

WordPress comes with two top level domain (TLD) options: .com and .org. is a very basic option for users who are looking for a free blog with basic capabilities.  New  or “practice” blogs are often begun on to save on hosting fees.  They lack all but the simplest customization options and are restricted in the amount of optimization that can be done. However, they are fun to use for blogging hobbyists who enjoy the integrated social aspect that connects bloggers of all interests together. is ideal for a serious blogger or business who would like to make the most of the site.  This WordPress option requires (a) separate and distinct hosting service; (b) a unique domain name; (c) installation of WordPress software. – a Breakdown

To those who are totally new to all of this, a may sound daunting. Fortunately, it is a simple, straightforward process that can result in a boost in online traffic to your blog or website.

Choose a Hosting Service

Just as any computer program requires a desktop, laptop, or mobile device to run, any website must have online hosting to be at all visible. There are many hosting options available – from well-known names like WP Engine and Bluehost – to lesser known names like A Small Orange.  Some have good reputations and solid customer service; others really struggle to keep a website up and running.

Unique Domain Name

Every website must have a completely unique domain name.  In the online industry, domain names require an annual fee to reserve for a website or blog to use. This fee may fluctuate greatly depending on the desired name and where it is purchased.

Installation of WordPress software

A quick trip to will give the option to download the latest version of WordPress.  It can be downloaded just like any other program or update. There are a few great articles that outline in detail each step of the process to eliminate confusion when it comes to selecting the right cloud (hosting), domain name, platform, and server size.

Make the Blog Your Own

Choose a WordPress theme that most resembles the “look” that the new blog should have (a matter of personal preference).  As soon as the theme is selected, the blog can be customized in any way to perfect this look.

Blog with a Plan

A good-looking website is nothing without the right content to give it substance.  Blogging can be an extremely enjoyable endeavor – especially for those who are passionate about their business.  Taking time to plan out the intended audience will help to ensure that the blog will be successful.

There are many ways to optimize a blog to help rank in online searches and establish a level of trust with readers.  To learn more about the possibilities available for your WordPress blog, feel free to contact our team at any time.  We are always happy to share our expertise with others.

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