How to Write the Perfect About Us Page

How to Write the Best About Us Page.

The About Us page is perhaps the only part of your website where you will have the perfect chance to tell your story. You can use this page to tell customers and readers who you are, what your business is all about and what actually makes you different from your competitors. Unfortunately, many small business owners miss the mark and end up sharing irrelevant content on this web page.

If you want to really make an impact with the About Us page of your website, you should not try to focus a lot on the wrong things. Again, offering random or scanty information will only make the situation dire. You need to ensure that the content you have on your About Us page flows together and that there is cohesiveness of ideas as the reader scans through the content.

Establish a conversational tone with the reader

To write the best about us page, it all starts with great content and creating the right conversational tone. Instead of writing scanty content on this page like you are doing an assignment, try to take your time and think about how you will probably tell your story to someone considering that you were speaking to them one-on-one. What would you tell them? How would you say it? You need to find the right tone of communication for this page. It can either be stiff or academic. You can also choose to light it up with some humor so as to keep the reader engaged. Make sure that the readers can feel good when reading through your about us story.

Tell your business story

If you are creating an about us page for your small business, you should also remember to share the story behind your business. Let the readers know what motivated you to start the business and what your customers can expect when they buy from you. People will be glad to come back to your website another time if they can relate with the story that you are sharing on your about us page. Sincerity is key in ensuring that this page is effective.

Show some personality

It’s also important for you to show a degree of personality when writing your about us page. If you own a small business, you should not evade that fact. Make sure that the readers can see the small business but one that has potential based on the quality content that you would have posted on this page.

Be interesting

If your small business has an interesting name, it is advisable to tell its story and let the readers know what that name really means to you today. If you have a good sense of humor, you can never go wrong when writing content for such a page. You can even share your personal life experiences in the business world and let the readers relate that to the state of your business currently.

Include social proof on the about us page

Social proof is enough evidence that what you’re saying on the about us page is true. In fact, it helps to build a certain degree of integrity while also being a powerful motivator for most site visitors to come back. You can include sections like awards so that people can also know about your past successes and achievements. If you have at some point been mentioned in newspapers or magazines, you can also quote them. Such third-party endorsements go a long way towards convincing visitors to trust you and your business. Log onto SimpleMachine for more inspiration on the best about us page.

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