Infographics are Dead: Try Gifographics Instead

Dead End Street

Visually stimulating and appealing websites catch the eye and hook the viewer. The utilization of infographics or gifographics enhances the quality of a blog or post, while creating content that is digestible, informative, and engaging. The addition of interactive content to a website can be one of the quickest and most efficient approaches to increasing website traffic as well as creating an effective digital marketing plan.


A clever mixture of visual stimulation and data, infographics are a good way to make informational content engaging. Any information can be transformed into an infographic like the one below. From highly complex advertising strategies and medical marketing techniques to recipe guidelines and tips for sleeping better. When the information is translated into an easy to understand format, website viewers feel that they are getting more out of the experience, that they learned something, and they are then more likely to share, reblog, or visit a website again.

infographics are dead, try gifographicsAuthor: Anna Vital – Link:

Comparing the Two



  • Entertaining and educational
  • Informative
  • Easy-to-read
  • Shareable
  • Unique and memorable


  • SEO affected; no text to optimize
  • Content plagiarized or stolen
  • Large images affect loading speeds



  • Extremely shareable
  • Great marketing tool
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Creates a brand
  • Unique and memorable
  • Makes information fun
  • Saves time when it comes to explaining complicated material


  • Content easily stolen
  • Animation affects load times
  • SEO may be affected


A natural progression from the infographic, a gifographic is a way to convert material into a unique and memorable experience for the viewer. They are easy to share, do not have to be embedded into a website, are entertaining, and can make even the blandest or boring topics fun. Gifographics are steadily replacing infographics on the web due to their being attention-grabbing and even brand forming in nature.

michael jackson moonwalk gifAuthor: Jacob O’Neal – Link: and

Visually Appealing Content

You want your website to be memorable and you want your viewers to return.

Visually appealing content is one of the most efficient ways to make this happen. Generating backlinks is the fastest way to increase search engine rankings and readership numbers. If the content is striking and a viewer wants others to see it, too, then they’ll reblog or post it, boosting the number of hits your website gets. The rise in hits directly correlates to users exploring more of your site, reading more of your blogs, or purchasing your products and services.

Appealing content equals higher numbers of website traffic!

Creating a Gifographic

If you aren’t particularly savvy when it comes to animation, don’t worry, there are many ways to still get the gifographics that you need. You can hire a designer to animate an eye-catching gifographic that incorporates your selected information, while having the added benefit of them helping you to create your brand.

Another option is to make the gifographic on your own. Having a plan is the first step, Photoshop the second. You want to detail out exactly what information you want displayed, how you want the information to come across (the tone), and then create a gifographic via Photoshop that showcases that information in a clever way.

Here is an amazing site that explains step-by-step how to create one through an easy to understand gifographic!

The Hook

Did you glance at the gifographic below or did you read this text first?

animated infographicAuthor: Jeca Martinez – Link:

There are two major trends that are emerging within visual content marketing; photos and videos. Those that utilize visual content and incorporate social engagement have significantly higher website traffic. This means that if a website has content that is easy to understand and share, their websites will have a higher number of viewers.

As devices evolve, tablets and smartphones becoming ever more popular, websites need to have visually appealing content that can be viewed on a device such as those. If the site is bogged down by blocks of text and does not grab the user’s attention, statistics show that they will not return or link the information in a post or blog of their own.

Infographics are great for sharing information easily, but gifographics are fun, informative, and hook the viewer. Infographics are dead and gifographics have taken their place in a society that craves and demands interesting and exciting things.

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