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As the owner of a lawn care company, the only way to grow your business is to market the services you offer. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the industry had annual revenues of 93 billion and represented over five hundred thousand business in 2018. The industry is highly competitive requiring you to look for marketing partners and innovative promotional strategies.  That’s why advertising your business makes it easier to identify qualified prospects. Centering your marketing strategies around the needs of your customers ensures you generate more leads and increase your sales. As a business person, you need to work with a professional digital marketing agency to ensure you learn from the valuable insights. The correct implementation is just as important as having the right strategies.

Why You Need an Online Marketing Partner 

A lawn care company needs an online marketing partner for the same reason it needs proven digital marketing strategies. Even though as a service company owner you have experience in your field, leaving the promotion of your business to the experts ensures your digital marketing strategies pan out. When making a marketing plan, you need to make it consider the lawn care marketplace so that you get to your audience. Working with a professional marketing company ensures you have an expert opinion from inception all the way to execution. In today’s digital era, word of mouth has moved online, and the only way to get people to talk about your lawn care business is to have a solid online presence. Expert marketers will guarantee that your business is part of the conversation. Leveraging social networks is a cost-effective endeavor that only requires you to invest time and effort. Most marketing strategies implemented on social media networks simply require a strong internet connection and unique content. Expert marketers will help you get followers on your social media pages so that you expand your reach as a service provider. Social media platforms offer you an audience, and all that will go to waste if you don’t have a professional marketing partner by your side. Your posts on social media and on the business website should anticipate prospects’ and customers’ lawn care needs to ensure you are seen as a business that offers value.

Marketing Strategies that Ensure You Grow Your Business 

You need to understand what a marketing company will do for your business. It might seem like an unnecessary investment but to grow business, you have to invest in their services. As a service business owner, you want strategies that bring customers to you so that you focus on catering for the needs of your clients. Lead generation is only possible if you invest in proven digital marketing strategies.

  1. Search Engine Optimization – Every individual looking for a business online will first have to interact with a search engine. Optimizing your website for Google and other search engines ensure you rank high on SERPs. You need to anticipate the needs of prospects by optimizing your content with competitive keywords. As a lawn care company owner, you need to prove to your audience that you have the equipment to deliver quality services. The whole idea around building a website is that you have a platform to showcase the services your company offers. Ranking high is the best way of ensuring you drive traffic to your website. Original and relevant content enables you to attract prospects to your website.
  2. Creating informative blogs – Informative blog posts are one way of ensuring that you drive your SEO agenda. You need to educate your audience about the lawn care industry and demonstrate the value you offer. Uploading page titles and embedding videos for illustration ensures that your readers find value in your blogs. Contract a professional web designer so that you build a mobile-friendly website. More people are using smartphones to browse the internet, and your site needs to load with the same quality on portable devices as it does with web applications.
  3. Website load time – The loading time of your lawn care site will also determine whether or not your click-through rate will be boosted. Working with an expert web designer guarantees your site is properly coded and that it loads in less than three seconds. Make sure that you are constantly updating your website with new information about the lawn care industry. Include an easy to use call to action so that you increase your business’ revenue streams.
  4. Social Media – You can never go wrong with social media, especially when you have an expert promotion agency by your side. Aside from providing a ready audience, social media platforms also enable you to interact with prospective customers, so you convert demand into sales. Set up business pages on all relevant social media platforms and remember to include a link to your site on each page. Driving traffic to your site and leveraging social networks to increase visibility for your lawn care business enabling you to grow exponentially. Having a professional social media page with accurate contact information allows customers to contact you when they need your services. If you have created a Google Maps listing, include a link to the page on your social media pages so that customers are encouraged to review your business. You not only need to rank high on SERPs but also on Google Maps.
  5. Video marketing on social media – More people are using social media each passing year and research shows that majority of Americans are using Youtube 73% and Facebook 68%.  These two platforms are suitable for video messaging which is a critical medium of promoting lawn care solutions and services. Appealing to the needs of your audience allows you to increase conversions and ultimately boost your bottom line. Consider showcasing your work and the equipment you use to assure prospects that they’ll benefit when they transact with you. Simple lawn care tips illustrated in a short video will go a long way in putting the word out. You can also share videos of freshly manicured lawns that are guaranteed to appeal to home and property owners.
  6. Content Marketing – As mentioned earlier, the information you update on your website and on your social media pages helps you rank high on SERPs. Aside from that, the content you post also provides lawn care solutions to customers, especially when you anticipate their questions. With content marketing, you give customers reasons to choose you over your competitors. Working with a professional content marketing company ensures that you get the implementation right. Educating your audience on lawn care solutions helps them see value in your services. Unique and informative content helps you exponentially grow your business by increasing revenue streams. Aside from offering high-quality services, customers also need to see you as a reliable source of information. Do in-depth research to ensure what you post on your website is not generic.


There are countless proven marketing strategies that help to grow your lawn care company, but all of this isn’t useful if you don’t have a trusted digital marketing agency by your side. Promoting your business is the surest way of growing it.

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