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Competing for market share in Arkansas has only gotten tougher over the last decade. Online sales jump by double-digit percentage points year after year while retail stores show shrinking profits. The real challenge for the traditional store in AR is in exposure. How do you get people through the virtual or physical door? Through digital channels, the competition is brutal, but it becomes a lot more reasonable if you limit the field to local businesses. Localization is one way to step away from expensive pay-per-click campaigns.

What is Localization?

Localization, when talking about SEO, is just optimizing content for your physical location. Essentially, you want to rank higher than other businesses in the surrounding area for the same products or services. If you sell shoes, a local looking for shoes should see your store on the first results page. The “Buy Local” movement encourages consumers to shop locally in their neighborhood stores, so make sure they know where you are and when you’re open.

How to Rank Locally

To top the results in AR, you need to start by claiming all of your local business listings. You’ll need a Google Business Account. Filling out your profile information for the world’s largest search engine instantly gives you more credibility and access to local searchers. You can verify your hour of operation and make sure people see the right address and telephone number for your business.

You’ll also want to check your listings on other aggregate sites. If you offer services, Angie’s List is one place to verify your business information. Restaurants will want to check Yelp, Zagat, and other review sites. The more listings with up-to-date, accurate information, the more business you can generate from local search. The guy looking for a pizza place doesn’t want a list of the best joints around the country; he wants a place to deliver to his address. Localization lets your business move to the front of the pack for local shoppers.

Get Local with Your SEO

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