Maintaining SEO When Redesigning Your Web site

Redesign website while maintaining SEO. Simplemachine Bentonville

SEO basics should be understood by anyone who does business online. Search engines and consumers alike depend on optimized content to find your business and rank it accordingly.

Save the SEO

There isn’t one particular method or another that will work for every single person, which is why it’s helpful to get tips to ensure that you cover all of the SEO basics and don’t lose your rankings when you revamp your website. Here are some of the top tips to help you keep things in good order:

-Know your website URLs in and out. Redesigning the site is a great way to change things up and increase traffic. You might even reach a new audience by making some simple edits. Of course, it’s important to make sure that you don’t lose essential elements of your website like SEO when you redesign.You can do it yourself or use tools to help, but make sure you know what URLs to save.

-Analyze your inbound links. Inbound links are critical for SEO in website design, and you have to make sure that they stay on your site so that you can keep your traffic and rankings high.

-Set up a Webmaster account (if you don’t have one). This will allow you to keep search engines in the loop about your move or changes, which can save your rankings and SEO content power.

-Don’t become a victim of new technology. While it might be fun, it could also mess up your SEO rankings. Just because you have the latest CMS and functionality doesn’t mean you have the best SEO.

-Keep your developers and programmers on board. They need to understand what they’re getting into and how to ensure that they don’t lose the SEO power that you have while redesigning your website.

Preparation is Key

As with any SEO basics preparation and learning are the keys to success. You have to get familiar with your website, see where the SEO has the most power, and then make sure that you hang on to that power or at least re-create it when your new site debuts. Search engines like history, so if you wipe your slate and build a completely new site, you’re going to kill your rankings and traffic. Plan ahead, use the resources that are out there to your advantage, and make the most of a smooth transition. You can also hire professionals to help you with SEO basics, redesign issues, and other things in your renovations.

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