Moving a WordPress Site: The Duplicator Plug-in

The Duplicator Plug-In!

WordPress has taken both the blogging and web design worlds by storm. Since 2003, it has become the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It is an Open Source project, which attracts people who post family and pet pictures to Fortune 500 companies.  What has single-handedly made WordPress so incredibly popular is the plug-in.

A plug-in is a software component, which is created to add a new function to an already existing application. Plug-ins allow for customization and that is what the market wants; the ability to build something that looks like nothing else, anywhere. Plug-ins give the WordPress format a flexibility that is unprecedented and because it is Open Source it remains free, which is well, amazing.

WordPress Allows You to Dream Big

WordPress, with its plug-ins, widgets and themes allow the end user to dream and dream big. With little or no programming skills you can build a unique website that reflects you, your brand or your organization. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Updating the style, color or content on your website is extremely easy and you don’t have to go to school to learn a HTML, CSS or C++.

Once you have built a basic web-site, it does not have to be just a blog, you can extend the site’s functionality by adding plug-ins. There are plug-ins to maximize performance, enhance the way images are displayed and add links to your social media accounts. You can also create forms, image portfolios, forums, or even a marketplace. Currently, 37,392 plug-ins are available in the WordPress directory. Many are free but not all. There are a number of premium plug-ins available.

Because WordPress is an Open Source project, developers are encouraged to create plug-ins and work on the platform itself. The open-source model drives development, which creatively solve issues for end users. For example, in the past when WordPress users needed to change web-hosts, there was a very involved, lengthy and difficult process getting all WP files to the new web-host server. A plug-in developer saw the issue and came up with a solution, The Duplicator. 

The Duplicator is Easy to Use

The Duplicator is a relatively new and free plug-in, which functions as a backup and migration tool. This tool can easily back up and move an entire website to a new server. This feature is important when you want to change your web-host or if you build websites and need to transfer web content to your client. It can take about 15 minutes and fewer than 10 steps to move an entire website from one server to another.

The success of the WordPress community is more than the open-source process; it is also attributed to the supportive community of developers and users. Developers add their expertise in making the platform even better by solving issues that themselves and other users run into. In addition to the numerous forums and documentation available, there are many tutorials available for plug-ins like the Duplicator.  These tutorials are great and will quite honestly help any WordPress user maximize the potential of their website for business or to inspire joy.

If you aren’t convinced you can make a successful go at creating a website using WordPress, its plug-ins, widgets, themes and extensive network of free support, then go visit some friends of mine. They will build a site to your specifications and may even use the Duplicator to get it to your URL.

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