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Although the WordPress(WP) website platform is free and doesn’t require coding knowledge, it still requires monthly management and security updates. WP is a widely used website publishing platform due to its user-friendly tools, high-performance on the search engines, and ease of integrating with various applications. Below are important things to remember when choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress website.

Selecting the Wrong Hosting Provider

Part of the problem is the internet can be overwhelmingly complex for business owners who simply want turnkey solutions. However, understanding a few basics to a successful website is all it takes to determine the website hosting provider best suited for your needs.

Choosing to go with a friend or family member who offers low-end website hosting for free or very cheap can be problematic. This person may not be compliant with all government regulations involving privacy or may not be up-to-date with current Google SEO practices. The hosting they offer may not be secure enough to ensure your files will have longevity and this leaves your website vulnerable.

Signing up with an established website hosting firm that carries a strong reputation for positive customer satisfaction is highly-recommended. Simplemachine is here for all of your website hosting needs!

Knowing Your Website Hosting Options

WordPress is subject to various cybersecurity issues if the site owner doesn’t keep the software updated on a monthly basis, so it is very important that whichever website hosting provider you choose, they provide this service.

It’s best to check consumer reviews on the website hosting company you are researching, sometimes the comments of other users can help with the decision making process. Not all website hosting firms provide the same services, which can have some impact on overall site performance.

You need to make sure the website hosting provider you choose has a strong reputation for great uptime. Additionally, a host that lacks 24/7 tech support is not going to be as helpful as one that does.

Factor in Budget

It’s important to note that the budget is another factor for narrowing down your list of website hosting candidates. After paying close attention to quality, pricing should be the next focus. There are free hosting options available, however, this could mean the site is bogged down with pesky ads or popups. The vendor with this type of hosting could also limit the amount of storage space available, which limits the content of your own website. From an SEO perspective, search engines favor both quality and quantity when it comes to content on a website.

The best website host provider is going to be the one that keeps your site online and easily accessible at all times!

Ecommerce Hosting Services

Ignoring cybersecurity issues on E-Commerce websites is not recommended and can lead to costly problems down the road. Hackers are increasingly targeting B2B sites, especially those that rely on old vulnerable equipment. If your site integrates with a database that stores confidential data you will need top-notch security, especially if you need to make online transactions through a WooCommerce software.

Switching Website Host Providers

One of the greatest advantages of using WordPress as a website platform is that it doesn’t depend on a particular host. WordPress allows you to easily move from one website host to another without affecting the appearance or content. Some web designers who only use HTML or a web editing program may run into migration hurdles. Fortunately, WordPress is made for and more suited for seamless transitions. Whatever website hosting service you move to, make sure that it uses up-to-date PHP scripting language.

Who Can Help

Finding the right WordPress website host doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. Contact us at Simplemachine for additional website hosting assistance or to learn more about setting up and maintaining a WordPress site. Let us help get your website to meet all your expectations.


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