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The best way to reduce website marketing expenses is to use as much search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge as possible to enhance your search visibility. Your content should be built on keywords and various factors to make sure your content has a natural presentation. Here are some important SEO optimization tips to keep in mind to help your website gain better visibility in search engines.

Content Is the Core to SEO

Out of all the SEO optimization tips you come across, keep quality content at the top of your priority list. No matter how much you study search engines or SEO techniques, the number one concern of search engines continues to be matching users with the content they are searching for. So before developing a strategy that includes a long list of clever techniques, remember that your content must be valuable to users and not just be fluff designed to exploit keywords.

Google and other search engines have been working on penalizing sites with weak content so that they don’t show up high in search rankings. The consistent theme of algorithmic upgrades that determine search rankings is that content-rich sites are rewarded while thin content sites are ignored. So make sure your content has a clear purpose and that it is unlike any other website. Original content is favored in search rankings while duplicate content is penalized.

Crafting Unique Page Titles

One of the most important considerations to creating web pages is the web page title, which influences how search engines index your page. Before writing the page content, you should have some idea of what the page title will be. Test out ideas in Google to see if specific titles have already been taken and how much competition you will be facing. Ideally, you want the title to include keywords that form phrases with limited competition.

Even if the titles you test return thousands of links, as long as the titles have not been taken yet, there’s still a chance you will get top rankings for the given keywords. But if thousands of pages already exist for the keywords “facts about New York,” including pages called “random facts about New York City,” then you need to think up less competitive titles, otherwise your pages will get buried in search results.

Web pages with the best chances for high search rankings are those that serve rare niches, especially for new products that have no competition yet. Keep in mind that the name of your geographic location combined with your business niche can make a strong title. “Little Rock landscaping services,” for example, doesn’t generate tons of search results, making it an ideal web page title.

Checklist of SEO Optimization Tips

try to get backlinks from only high quality sites relevant to your site
encourage followers on social media, especially Google+, to share your web content
make sure your site is optimized for mobile users
pay attention to Google’s algorithm updates for search guidelines
avoid publishing pages with thin content by using a 500 word minimum
do not clutter your pages with more ads than content

Black Hat vs. White Hat

Black hat schemes are deceptive ways to manipulate search engines, which often result in penalties, whereas white hat techniques are consistent with proper search engine guidelines. Anything designed to trick robots into giving high search rankings for weak content is considered black hat. So don’t spam keywords or create duplicate fluff out of keywords. Use keywords sparingly and organically. If your pages attract consistent web traffic due to valuable information, chances increase for high rankings.

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