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Social media lists have become the equivalent to marketing lists in many ways. Once you’ve developed long lists, you may want to organize these lists into categories based on who the people are and how they interact with you. Here are ways you can organize social media lists to help your Arkansas online marketing efforts.

Putting Followers Into Groups

Depending on your business, there are multiple ways to segment your social media following. You may want to have quick access to your most loyal followers who either engage or buy the most. Another idea is to place followers into sales personas that define different segments of your market. You can also create groups based on age, location, and interests.

Using Facebook makes it fairly simple to create groups from your list. Start at “home,” which takes you to your news feed, then click “Friends Lists” under the “Explore” tab on the far left side. Then you click “Create List” and start entering the names of people that you want to be in the group. You can also give the group a title such as “loyal customers” or “newbies.” You can edit these lists whenever you want to add or subtract names.

This feature comes in very handy if your profile is invaded by trolls who provoke negativity to your posts. You may not want to “unfriend” them because they are still customers, but putting them in a special group can neutralize the problem without you reacting to their comments. Be aware, however, that Facebook sends messages to individuals when you place them on special lists; so be careful not to name the list “trolls” or something else that could indicate they are like a virus that must be quarantined.

Working With Customized Social Messages

Customization and personalization are steadily shaping marketing for the new century. You can enhance your Arkansas online marketing by sending your customized messages to certain individuals or groups. For example, you may be running a campaign that appeals to a certain age group. Or you may want to reach your most loyal customers with a rewards program.

A major advantage to using customized lists is that it increases the odds of engagement because it’s more targeted. If you decide to advertise on Facebook, you have the option of creating a “custom audience” by integrating your existing email or phone list with your campaign. You simply save the list in CSV or text format then click “Create Audience” under the “Audiences tab” in your Ads Manager. Then click “Custom Audience” followed by “Customer List.” You can then upload the file or drag it to the “Custom Audience” box and it will be live in about a half hour.

Refine Your Lists

The whole point of organizing your lists into groups or categories is to create more efficient communication in your Arkansas online marketing strategies. Some lists may be temporary and only apply to certain  campaigns, while others work better long-term. This technique is particularly useful if your list has over a thousand followers.

Just like an email marketing list, you need to keep your social media lists up to date. Some people, for example, disappear from Facebook without telling anyone, which can distort your stats. You may want to periodically message individuals to make sure they still actively use Facebook.


Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media networks, there are ways to organize your loyal following into lists that make targeting an easier process. Ask Arkansas online marketing professionals at Simplemachine Designs for further advice on maximizing your social media experience.


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