Acclivity Living

Acclivity Living is a company based out of Bentonville, AR that offers non-medical in-home care to the elderly.

Project Challenges

As a quickly forming new business, the owner of Acclivity Living came to Simplemachine in need of an eyecatching logo to solidify their new business.

Strong, unique, and identifiable logos are helpful to any business, making your business memorable to clients and new customers. Starting from scratch, our designer went hard at work to make sure the new logo could be used in many contexts along with using it in print and digital media.


Acclivity Living


Acclivity Living | Logo Design | Simplemachine | Bentonville, AR
Acclivity Living Logo | Simplemachine Designs | Logo Design

Project Details

Every logo should be different and unique to each company. There are many things to consider when building a new logo. Things like color, shape, and iconography should all be considered when pulling elements together to build a logo for any company. When looking at the elements used for this logo, the roofline signifies the in-home aspect of the business. This aspect is just one of many small elements that have meaning in a logo.

Acclivity Living | Simplemachine | Logo Design
Acclivity Living Color Scheme | Simplemachine
Acclivity Living | Color Scheme | Logo Design | Simplemachine

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