Mainstreet Medical Associates

Main Street Medical Associates is a newly formed private practice partnership between Adam Maass, MD, and Melanie Sutton, APN, DNP. We have been practicing together for the last 15 years and after working together for two major health systems In the NWA community we have decided that we can do our best work on our own. We purchased a 2-story 100+-year-old block/brick building on Main Street In Cave Springs, AR, and plan to restore It with the Idea that It will add to the Main Street charm and business growth.

Project Challenges

One of their biggest hurdles was the fact that a huge number of patients could not find their business after leaving the larger local hospital, and were unfortunately not assisted to find us or provided with correct information about the new location. They needed strong marketing collateral and an easy-to-find website for their current and incoming practice.

We understand that healthcare Is a 24/7 obligation and one of our greatest desires for private practice Is the freedom to provide care when and how It Is needed. We will operate on many platforms and offer flexible appointment types and hours of access that meet the needs of all patients. We understand the obligations of careers, school and caregiving for family members and wish to offer options that respect those obligations. Virtual care, telemedicine, shared medical appointments as well as traditional In person appointments will be offered with options for early morning, traditional and evening appointments. We understand that patients are consumers and strive for our product to meet the needs of the community.


Mainstreet Medical Associates


Project Details

This small practice moved into a 100-year-old building on Main Street and is restoring it to an original look. In keeping with that, they liked the idea of using a lantern to represent an inviting symbol of guidance and warmth and a time that was more about personal contact and small-town care.

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