Morris Land & Cattle

The owners of Morris Land & Cattle came to Simplemachine looking for a new, fresh logo for their cattle company. This family-owned and operated cattle farm raises beef cattle to sell to individuals for processing.

Project Challenges

As an established company, Morris Land & Cattle has been represented by the same logo and brand identity for many years. While looking to expand their company, a brand update was an important step to establish their high-quality cattle for sale.

Creating a logo that could work as effective branding on both marketing collateral and food packaging, Simplemachine set off on a mission. The design of the logo was kept simple, modern, and easy to implement as both a full logo or an identifiable mark. Our team can’t wait to see the logo used on packaging, merch, and more


Morris Land & Cattle, co.


Project Details

To allow for use on various products, our designer kept the Morris Land & Cattle logo simple and monochromatic. With a distinct cattle design, this logo can be used as both the whole logo and also as a mark with no words. The interchangeability of this design makes it perfect for any branding needs.

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