Contractor Access

Contractor Access was established in 2003 and is a wholesale distributor of residential plumbing and HVAC products. By analyzing purchase history, business structure, local market trends, and seasonality, they specialize in discovering the perfect inventory mix and delivery frequency for your contractor business.

Project Challenges

With thousands of products, brands, and variations of their products, this site was a large e-commerce project. The Contractor Access team was looking to improve the functionality and update the design of their current site, along with integrating the entire site onto the WordPress platform.

They wanted the new site to match the same branding as the previous site but with modern twists throughout. Incorporating all of these moving parts during development was a large milestone in this project. Check out the finished product at their site or check out our other projects through our portfolio.


Contractor Access


Project Solution

Trough visual commands, links, and informational hierarchy, we created a seamless e-commerce platform for the exclusive users of Contractor Access.

Responsive Design

With having thousands of products and hundreds of members, it is extremely important for Contractor Access to be online and available for clients across all platforms and devices.

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