Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your business listed online? Are you making sure your listings are up to date and provide relevant information? We make sure that your business’ essential information is out there, easy to find, and shows up at the top of the page results in a search engine when someone searches for your company or the services that your company provides.

Our SEO campaigns consist of both local and national packages. Whether you are a local Arkansas business or a national brand, we can create a package customized to reach your target market. Through the creation of local directories and citations for local SEO, or a backlinking strategy for our national customers, your website will dominate the competition. Search Engine Optimization is about quality over quantity, and that’s how we approach our campaigns. Paired with a content marketing strategy, we promise you will see an increase in both traffic and sales.

In addition, we can create an Adwords campaign focused on bringing traffic directly to your page when someone searches for your services. That way, when your search campaign is ramping up, you’ll immediately rank for the keywords you’re targeting.  You will be guaranteed more traffic, more customers, and ultimately, more success. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to create a customized campaign tailored to your business’ needs.

What is SEO?

Want to hear more about SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of generating traffic to your website through organic (non-paid) search results in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Unlike paid advertising campaigns through outlets such as Google Adwords, SEO organizes content, implements relevant keywords and uses backlinks to give your website credibility by allowing other sites to recommend your website.

    The architecture of your site plays a major factor in it’s overall functionality and performance in search results. It is necessary to construct (or hire a company like Simplemachine) to construct a website that is built with a purpose in allowing it to easily be found in search results.

    In addition to the architecture of your site, keywords are extremely important. In order to be found by search engines, your website needs to contain the relevant keywords that define your business’s services. If someone is searching for “shoe repair”, it is essential that your website contains the term “shoe repair” in as many forms as possible. The title of your website and each individual page also play a major role in your site’s keyword optimization. Finally, backlinks provide credibility to your business’s web page. Backlinks are generated when another website links to your page. These links show search engines that your page knows what it’s talking about. To express what this means in the real world, it’s basically like a recommendation or excellent review on Angie’s List or Yelp. Backlinks are extremely important and without them, your page cannot be seen. Over time, your website builds these links up and your business is seen to Google or Yahoo as a the perfect result to display.

    The good thing about SEO is that it can be absolutely free if you know what you’re doing. If you need to outsource your SEO campaign to a company like us, we can guarantee that your ROI will be worth it and that you will easily make your money back with a solid, search engine friendly website and the phone ringing off-the-hook. When paired with a paid advertising campaign and the consistent use of social media, SEO can be a wonderful thing and a huge impact on your business’ revenue. Want to hear more about SEO? CONTACT US today!