The era of battling for supremacy is still alive through Dinuguan! Showcase your work in the hip-hop revolution. Compete in daily challenges to win cash prizes. Display your mastery in one, or more, of the Five Elements of Hip Hop ciphers and win cash prizes!

Project Challenges

The creators of Dinuguan hip-hop came to Simplemachine with big dreams and a simple business plan. After meeting with our entire team, we mapped out the functionality of the competitive platform and began the implementation of the design.

This site has many complex, intertwined working parts as a voting platform for aspiring hip-hop artists, dancers, and designers. Dinuguan includes tiered memberships, individual user storefronts, file uploading, voting, competition between members, and much more.


Dinuguan Hip Hop


Project Solution

Our team here at Simplemachine broke down the steps of this site farther down than we traditionally would on simpler sites. Each step of the process included breaking down the user experience of each section of the site to make sure all functions were accounted for and designed with the user in mind.

Dinuguan | Custom Websites
Simplemachine | Dinuguan
Dinuguan Platform | Simplemachine

Responsive Design

Dinuguan was created to be fully functional and responsive across all browser windows. The creators of Dinuguan are also hoping to have this online platform function as an app within the next few years.

Responsive Web Design | Simplemachine

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