Natvana Extractions was founded in February of 2019 by three University of Arkansas Graduates and life-long friends. The idea was brought forth after years of interest and research into the Hemp Industry. Upon the 2018 Farm Bill passing, the founders began to take what was once a dream and molded it into the successful operation they have today.

Project Challenges

As an up and coming business in the midst of a controversial field of work, the board members of Natvana saw an opportunity unveil when the new 2018 Farm bill being passed. Seeing the exponential growth potential of the CDB industry in the state of Arkansas, the team moved quickly to establish the legality of their business and set up marketing collateral and a website to allow clients to utilize their service.

Understanding their needs, the Natvana team came to Simplemachine to fulfill their website and their marketing needs. They wanted a professional yet edgy website that stood out against the competition and set their company apart.




Project Solution

In designing the website, our designers chose to go with a dark website with pops of the purple from their logo. We included sections of the website that highlight their operations, their products, and the science behind their work.

Natvana | Simplemachine Designs

Responsive Design

The most important factor for this website was the necessity to drive users to contact and set up an appointment to meet with the team. Making the website responsive was focused on ease of use and quick access to the features.

Natvana | Custom Websites

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