Trike Theatre

Trike Theatre aims to create a safe, inclusive space where we all take risks, celebrate our mistakes, find our artistic voices by deepening and expanding our individual talents. They create community through classes, production ensembles, and social events. Trike is a catalyst for bringing together the larger community through our productions and partnerships.

Project Challenges

Trike Theatre came to Simplemachine with the idea of making online classes available for registration online and new programs that they wanted to be featured on their website. At the beginning of this project, Trike Theatres’ program was heavily based around in-person immersive experiences and social workshops. While catering to ages 4 through 17, they needed a solution tailored to each student’s needs and that offered parents insights into their child’s progress and classes. As we moved through this project, a major need arose of needing virtual classes and sessions available to comply with the social health needs and the safety of the students.

On top of selling tickets for upcoming productions, Trike also wanted to showcase past productions with in-depth production guides and activities for each production. Each production showcase will be made as they go through upcoming shows and performances.


Trike Theatre



Project Solution

Simplemachine made a very robust website to cover all of Trike Theatres’ needs including ticket sales, donations, production guides, and a class registration platform. Once logged into the site, the Student Center gives a complete overview of the students’ classes, assignments, payments, and registration.

Responsive Design

Staying true to the quality of a Simplemachine website, this website for Trike Theatre is completely responsive across all devices and browsers. It is extremely important to make sure that each of your users has 100% visibility of your website across all devices all the time.

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