The Path to Successful Content Marketing

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In the new century, content marketing strategies have become the standard for attracting organic web traffic. Content marketing is both a science and an art. Not only do you need to follow strict search engine guidelines, but you must also make an attractive presentation with your content.

Basic Strategies

While there are hundreds of concepts that define effective content marketing, it helps to start out with a focus on simple marketing tactics. Some essential ideas include the following:

  • quick social media response time
  • emphasis on social media visuals
  • creative and information blogging that showcases expertise

Social media is now a big part of content marketing for businesses since it’s a free to low cost form of connecting directly with your target audience. Quick response to inquiries is vital because people have hundreds of alternatives just clicks away. That means responding within minutes, instead of hours or days, can make a big difference between establishing cold and warm leads.

Content Is King Mentality

The phrase “content is king” is about the only constant that hasn’t changed in internet marketing over the years. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strong runner-up to that throne. Your mission should be to showcase unique content about your niche that delights your audience. It is also important to avoid fluff, which search engines frown upon.

It’s best to craft as many web pages as possible with quality information that your followers will perceive as valuable. By monitoring analytics, you will learn which pages perform the best.

One of the most creative ways to capture attention is using color scheme strategies based on principles of color psychology. Blue, for example, conveys a sense of trust, while red evokes more aggressive imagery.

SEO Tips

Even though it can take several months for SEO techniques to make content marketing strategies pay off, here are some fundamentals to keep in mind:

  • build stories from appropriate keywords that define your niche
  • search engines favor authoritative, not shallow blogs
  • blogs need to be updated frequently
  • getting backlinks from authoritative blogs helps build credibility
  • write evergreen content that never gets outdated
  • avoid robotic presentation, be more conversational
  • never duplicate work from other sites
  • never spam keywords or links


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