Penguin 3.0: What You Need to Know

The Penguin 3.0 is the latest google algorithm used for ranking websites that do not abide to Google Webmaster guidelines. The update was released in October 2014, one year after the previous penguin update. Penguin 3.0 also known as Penguin 6 is the sixth Penguin update so far.

Even though the predecessor update had only a one percent impact on search queries, the new update is similar and aims at reducing the amount of spam on the Internet. This is good news that comes at a cost to businesses. After the release, businesses now require SEO experts like Simplemachine to cleanup their web pages. This company is the best in Bentonville, AR when it comes to cleaning spam content and a solution for improving search rankings. Ranking effect will not be immediate since this Google update roll out is still in progress. The process of rolling out Penguin 3.0 is expected to take several weeks after the release. That means businesses that seek for SEO experts early can improve in the world’s largest search engine (Google) rankings.

Simplemachine is a company that offers quality online Search Engine Optimization services in AR and particularly Bentonville. The company is instrumental in assisting with a website’s content to improve the quality of a web page and the Google page rankings. Newer updates are, as a result of updated algorithms, able to point out spam content better than previous algorithms. As a result newer algorithms result in a drop in ranking of websites that do not follow the SEO rules of Google.

Basically, penguin updates, like any other Google updates (Panda and TopHeavy Update) strive to ensure that websites with quality content and great user experience rank high in search results. Simplemachine have SEO professionals in AR who carefully analyze a website and use the appropriate tools to achieve better search engine rankings. It is important to hire experts especially before Penguin 3.0 takes full effect.

Whether your business website has been hit or not it is advisable to seek expert advice and services. Remember, your website is not invisible to the updated algorithms. Furthermore, Penguin 3.0 is expected to be fully functional a month from now so it is good to take SEO seriously. In the meantime professionals can help you by using back-link identification tools. Such a move is important because it will help you identify websites with related content that are ranking low in search engine results.


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