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Pest Control Marketing – In today’s digital world, you cannot depend on word of mouth alone to advertise your business. You also need online marketing strategies to ensure you get to as many prospective customers as possible. Creating professional business pages on all relevant social media platforms allows you to have interactions with qualified leads. A solid online presence will enable you to reach your target audience and grow your business.

1. Networking

In as much as people are going digital, in-person advertising still goes a long way especially for a service business. Running a pest control company has its challenges, but brand awareness allows you to tap into your business’ potential. Ensuring that you offer value to your customers, enables you to increase your customer retention rate. Working with a professional marketing company helps you to determine where to begin in your networking strategy. Taking advantage of every networking opportunity ensures you turn demand into sales.  You should always be ready to talk about what you do, and it’s a good idea to walk with business cards.

Many people still make business transactions traditionally, and they’ll appreciate having a business card with your contact information. Before you focus on expanding your business, you need to ensure you have a firm foundation as a local business. Conversations with potential customers get the word out and help you get more revenue streams. Finding referral business can only be possible when you create awareness around your business. Consider holding promotions where you offer free services to local clients and prospects. You can use this as an opening to showcase your expertise and get people to work with your company.

2. Getting Your Business Online

As mentioned earlier, the world has become digitalized, and more people are conducting business online. Running a service company means you need to focus on giving customers a personalized experience. Tailoring your solutions around your customers’ needs ensures you meet them at their point of need. You can only do much with in-person advertising in a world where people have a high dependency on the internet. For instance, having a business website has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Creating a highly responsive website ensures you increase your local business transactions.

Besides, people hardly interact with brick and mortar business anymore. A website also functions as a virtual sales representative for your business. Getting your business online opens you up to more sales opportunities, and you get to expand into new markets. Unlike brick and mortar companies, websites have no geographical restriction, and people can view your site from wherever they are. When your business has a solid online presence, you can exponentially grow it by leveraging all the tools at your disposal. Your mobile-friendly website should load in less than three seconds and with the same quality as web applications. A professional web designer will ensure your site is properly coded for SEO.

3. Google Business Listing

This might feel trivial but creating a Google Maps listing for your business goes a long way in increasing your revenue streams. As a service business owner, you need to do more than having a clearly marked service vehicle. Aside from getting you more visibility, a Google Maps listing also enables you to manage your reviews.  This is a long-approach that needs careful consideration. Consider working with a professional marketing company for best results. Since you have decided to venture into doing business online, you might as well go all in. Boost your online citations by ensuring you provide consistent details about your business’ contact information. All online directories that have your business listed should use your business information as is to avoid confusion.

This eliminates volatility and as a result, establish your company’s credibility. Work with a professional marketing company so that you have incorporation of schema language that gives Google an easy time to scan your pages. Relevant and authoritative information about the location of your business not only makes it easy to be found but also increase your company’s credibility. Remember to incorporate competitive keywords to ensure customers can find you when they search for local businesses. A page optimized with competitive keywords will rank high each time-related keywords are searched. Working with a professional marketing company ensures you get everything right.

4. Social Media

Leveraging all relevant social media pages allows you to get to your target audience and expand your reach. A solid online presence is guaranteed to boost your bottom line as you convert demand into sales. Profit is the lifeblood of any business, and social media is guaranteed to give you instant leads. Remember to include links of your Google Maps listing and your business website on each social media page. Organic traffic works in your benefit by ensuring you get qualified leads.

When it comes to leveraging social media, you need to remember that consistent effort and dedication of time are the only things that will guarantee positive results. Using social media as a marketing strategy is cost-effective as you have a ready audience and using the platform is free. You might also want to include pay per click advertising for instantly qualified leads. Moreover, 29% of social media users say they find it hard to stop using social media, and this shows you how impactful social networks are.

Using visual media on social media pages is an excellent idea as you can use them to showcase your work. Recording live videos when you are on the job gives viewers an idea of what you do. When people understand the value you offer, they’ll be more convinced that your services will benefit them. Consider running promotions to get the word out and also create excitement around your business. Remember to replay messages so that you don’t miss out on opportunities to make sales.

5. Online Review Sites

Online review sites offer free advertising since you don’t need membership fees to join. You can encourage regular customers to review your services so that you rank high. Joining an online review site is a good idea as it allows you to get more local jobs. Remember to handle complaints immediately so that they don’t tarnish your hard-earned reputation. Courtesy and politeness go a long way in calming down a disappointed client.

Most people read online reviews before transacting with service companies. When you have many positive reviews, the credibility of your business is increased. Reviews also give you valuable feedback that helps you improve your services. The good thing about reviews is that you can also use negative reviews to demonstrate professionalism. When you follow up after each transaction via email, include a link to the review site so that customer reviews your services.


Running a pest control business involves guaranteeing excellent quality in service delivery and living up to your word. Many people today will search for a business online before making transactions. You should also build a properly coded website and optimize it for SEO.

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