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Social media marketing plays an important role in boosting brand names and increasing conversions for small businesses. Knowing the trends to look out for in 2019 puts you in a position to leverage that in good time and benefit from the applications. Moreover, several trends will take root in the upcoming year as they play an important role in social media marketing.

1. Augment Reality

Augment reality has a significant impact on social media marketing and for this reason, it will last into the future. Augment, and virtual reality is a high-value market that allows social platform users to create their own filter. The most common application is on Snapchat filters. These features can be leveraged for marketing to ensure a personalized interaction with the audience.

Business owners have to use up to date social media features for their marketing campaigns to ensure they stay relevant to their target audience. Augment reality features will be prevalent on social platforms in the future since they offer a personalized experienced.

2. Focusing on Generation Z

Social media marketing campaigns will target the new generation since most of them are beginning to join the workforce. As a new demographic, small businesses will benefit from making Generation Z the focal point of most product and service marketing campaigns.

Because people in the new generation were born into technology, they are a natural fit for social media marketing. People in the new generation now have money to spend and influencing their shopping behavior as early as possible ensures a future-proof marketing plan. This is a smart move because a majority of people belonging in the Generation Z bracket are on social media and they can further increase your brand awareness with the content they post.

Retail business owners, for instance, are recommended to stock products whose style resonate with the new generation. Pop-up stores are a good place to start in ensuring a personalized customer experience. The aim of starting a pop-up store is to ensure that your products and services end up being shared on social media. Most customers are looking for a personalized and intimate customer experience, and this is guaranteed to convince buyers to choose you over your competitors.

The uniqueness of a business and intimacy customers enjoy in the interactions creates a relationship of trust to ensure your target audience develops an interest in what you have to offer. Brand awareness works hand in hand with customer satisfaction and social media platforms ensure more people get to know about your satisfactory services.

3. Videos

Video has been the dominant media on social media platforms for quite some time because it has more to offer compared to pictures. More and more people are likely to click on video links since they guarantee an elaborated and intimate experience. Small business will be in a better position when it comes to growth and brand awareness when video is incorporated in future social media marketing efforts.

YouTube, for instance, has grown in popularity over the years since it is a platform that has personalized content. Many people use group video chats to interact and communicate on social communication platforms. This could be an excellent way for small business to connect with loyal as well as prospective customers.

You can incorporate video into your social media marketing strategies to ensure your presence as a business is felt. Offering personalized customer experiences to loyal and prospective customers should be the main aim of all your social communication platforms marketing efforts. The popularity as well as the versatility of video as a visual media is an important aspect that guarantees positive outcomes for your marketing campaigns.

4. Messenger Apps and Chat Boxes

With messenger apps, customers can reach out to business through social media pages. Ensuring that as a small business, you offer instant responses when customers use messenger apps and chat boxes to reach you helps build the confidence customers have in your service delivery. Excellent service delivery is an important aspect that online shoppers consider before choosing your business over your competitors. When you give instant responses with chat boxes and messenger apps, customers get the impression that you are a customer-centered business.

Moreover, you can easily increase your conversions as a small business by ensuring you use the opportunity to showcase products and services you offer. Chat boxes enable increased engagement between customers and businesses that they are interested. Immediately responding to a message from a customer can easily turn an onlooker into a loyal customer.

5. Live Streaming

Just like videos, live streaming gives people who click on the link a personalized customer experience. Live streaming is a future-proof tool that you should consider utilizing as it gives your real-time audience experience that helps in making genuine connections. Aside from assured product and service quality, customers are also looking for companies that they can relate to. As a business owner, you should make efforts to ensure your audience can connect with you on a personal level.

A live-streamed video that shows customers how products are made builds trust since transparency means you have nothing to hide and that your products are safe. When you develop a relationship of trust through sharing information about your business, customers get the confidence to buy your products. Live streaming gives your audience an intimate look at what is going on, and it acts as a natural call-to-action. You can run one-time promotions with live stream videos.

6. Social Media Influencers

Using social media influencers to market your business is a smart move since it opens up your business to new demographics and audiences. Social communication influencers have a large following, and their opinion on products and services is taken to heart by most of their followers. As a small business owner, using social communication platforms influencers can increase your conversion rates.

Social communication influencers shape the shopping behavior of many online shoppers and making this part of your marketing strategy increases your revenue returns. This is a future-proof plan because people hardly unfollow social communication platforms influencers once they follow them.

7. User-Generated Content

People are likely to trust a business brand more when they see their products in action. A user-generated content function like online product reviews is very important for your business. Not only does it create a sense of transparency, but it also acts as a guarantee from fellow customers that your products can be trusted. This is an excellent referral since many people get to view it when it is on a social media platform. Today’s technology-driven market allows you to take advantage of user-generated content to promote your products and services. When prospective customers see your products being used in real-life situations, they see the value you offer and are likely to purchase them.


A solid social media presence for any business enables a cost-effective product and service campaign, targeting different audiences. Even though social communication is constantly changing, some trends stay around for longer, and it is important to take note of these trends! Contact Simplemachine for expert social media management and consultations!

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