Platforms to Use For Video Marketing

If you want to connect your brand with consumers in a very personable way, few marketing tactics are more effective than video marketing. Video marketing is a great pull mechanism that draws in consumers through unique content and helps to define your brand while also piquing their interest. And, with the increased use of cell phones, tablets and mobile devices, you can reach more and more people every day with effective video marketing.

Simple Equipment Needs

One of the great advantages of using video marketing is the relatively simple equipment needs. You can record while using a Web cam, a cellular phone, tablet or a digital camera and use affordable video editing software to create a quality video for marketing purposes. There is no for requirement for expensive video equipment or costly editing and production services. Yet, you can produce a quality product and add special effects, textual content and other additions that can give your videos more pizzazz.

Plentiful Video Marketing Channels

Most people are familiar with and use YouTube – sometimes several times per day. YouTube allows you to post digital videos of varying lengths, from a few seconds to an hour or more. Many websites allow you to embed YouTube videos, and you can create your own YouTube channel and upload a nearly limitless number of digital videos.

Another popular platform for video marketing is Wistia, which offers professional video hosting services for businesses. Wistia can help you to create polished and professional videos for marketing purposes and provide supporting video marketing services. Those services include choosing the best channels for video marketing, tracking performance and helping to adapt and adjust your video marketing efforts to make them more effective.

Vidyard is a software program that can help you to improve the quality and results of your video marketing efforts. Vidyard offers many excellent analytical tools that allow you to test varieties of video enhancements, placements, thumbnails and other tools to determine the best way to get the most out of your video marketing efforts. It enables you to improve your calls to action, customize your players and schedule syndicated releases across several video marketing platforms to maximize your marketing reach.

With the rapid growth of cell phones and other mobile devices, video marketing that is geared toward them is growing in importance. Fortunately, the new Vine app for iOS and Android cellular phones helps you to optimize your videos for mobile devices and greatly increase your potential reach and video marketing effectiveness. Vine also better enables you to create video content for popular social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram and others.

Optimizing Your Websites and Content

Many businesses don’t have the requisite expertise their staff needs to fully optimize their sites and make the best use of video marketing platforms. Thankfully, services that help to optimize your website and its content can help you to improve the results of your marketing efforts. When you use video marketing platforms to reach more consumers, a third-party service can help to optimize your site and develop the most effective content.

A good service will help to optimize your video marketing content and provide measurable results that enable you to adjust your efforts and improve your video marketing efficiency. Instead of simply posting content and hoping for the best, a qualified service can help you to tailor your content for specific consumer segments and improve your reach with comprehensive and integrated marketing campaigns. When you tailor your content, analyze results and make changes based on solid analytically based insights, you can make significant achievements with your video marketing efforts.

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