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Fluxe Vintage is a lifestyle. A way of living. The folks at Fluxe have a motto that we enjoy, they believe the trends of yesterday form the lifestyles of today. A future brand, a current resource, Fluxe offers a compiliation of all things vintage in the market today. The website was geared towards a more modern design with a vintage feel. We also wanted to highlight some of the surroundings of the business, a feature we like to include for web design in Arkansas.

We went around the area capturing the images featuring the images on their website to create a cohesive, rustic look. We wanted to keep things minimal as we were allowed 100% creative freedom with the project. We stuck with mostly black and white images and were very precise when it came to the design elements. We wanted to create a hip, yet modern website with their target customer in mind. With the rustic feel, the worn out imagery and the faded design elements, we wanted to capture the products they sold such as 60’s and 70’s furniture, record players, home decor that looks as if it was straight off of the TV show Mad Men, etc. The website is part e-commerce and part affiliate as they include both their own products as well as marketing others. They have a great catalog of items for the home, fashion and accessories. Overall this was an extensive project with many products available. It was very enjoyable, however, to stick within a minimal mindset and create a website that their team and customers really enjoyed. Update: Following the website re-design, the team made a point to contact us to let us know of their huge increase in sales – they attributed it to the new design and were very happy with the way the last few months have been business wise. Although we know this to be true in most cases, we also have to give their team credit for their great marketing campaign. Check out their site at



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