Nowadays, inbound marketing means just as much or even more than traditional outbound marketing efforts like TV, radio and magazine spots. Simplemachine has perfected the nuances of inbound marketing tactics like pay-per-click Google AdWords and content marketing to help real estate companies connect with target customers. We’ve helped countless real estate companies use the web to reach prospects who are interested in buying or selling a home. We understand the unique challenges of the real estate business and have the experience you need to overcome them. Here are a few examples of how we can help with your inbound marketing efforts.

WordPress Web Design for Real Estate Businesses

The vast majority of home-seekers and home sellers check out a real estate agency’s website before hiring them. Simplemachine knows all the ins and outs of WordPress web design. Ally with us and we will build a visually appealing, intuitive and responsive website that spurs customers to pick up the phone and contact your business. Our WordPress experts know exactly how to create a website that reflects your real estate company’s unique brand and personality. We are willing to analyze the nuanced needs of your local market and target customers and shape your website with them in mind.

From plugins to IDX integration and beyond, Simplemachine’s WordPress gurus know how to set up a website that allows customers to easily search listings, key in on content that you’d like to feature and enjoy an overall theme that is representative of your business and brand.

Google AdWords

In the context of real estate, Google AdWords is incredibly important. This pay-per-click online advertising method will put your real estate business squarely in the spotlight. Consider just how many people search the web for properties as well as real estate agents. When they search Google or another search engine, the most desirable customers will see your real estate company listed on page #1 if you work with Simplemachine to develop an Adwords campaign. We know how to use Google AdWords for a narrowly targeted online marketing campaign that reaches those who are most inclined to do business with your agency.

Real Estate Marketing Company

Our team understands exactly how to make use of your limited marketing budget in a financially appealing manner. We’ve mastered the Google AdWords bidding process as well as its statistical tracking component. The end result will be a wise investment of your marketing dollars in which you only pay for actual clicks on your ads.

Real Estate Content Marketing

Establishing a nice-looking website is not enough to attract new customers. The actual content of your website and the rest of your online footprint is what attracts and retains customers. Simplemachine has the experience you need to nurture real estate leads through content marketing. Your blog, social media and other online content serve to keep your company brand fresh in prospective customers’ minds so when they are ready to pull the trigger on a home purchase or sale, they will contact you before any other real estate agency. Our content marketing experts will position your agency as an industry leader that is interested in actually helping customers rather than simply making a profit.

Work with Simplemachine and your website, blog and social media will enjoy a continuous stream of high-quality content that engages prospects to the point that they are willing to pick up the phone and contact your agency. We’ll closely track the progress of your company’s online content to gauge its degree of success and respond accordingly. Reach out to Simplemachine today to learn more about how our inbound marketing experts can help your business connect with new customers.

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