Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

Designing Your Company Website in WordPress

When designing a business website, you need something that reaches your key demographic while giving you the power to edit and adjust your site as needed. Nowadays, there are all sorts of different web editing tools out there. You can find the click-and-drag options, many of which are free to use and have more or less the entire site designed before you even start. You can use more extensive programs that have a hefty price tag and give you complete power over the website, but are difficult to learn. With so many options, it can be hard to choose. At Simplemachine, we’re here to help customize your online presence. One of the website design options we not only recommend but use is WordPress. Here are several ways WordPress can make your online life easier.

Manage from Any Computer

With WordPress, you can manage your website from any computer. It’s kind of like using the cloud to edit your website. As it’s a browser-based system, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you won’t have a problem making alterations to your website. Purchased software requires you to have the program installed on a specific computer to make any of the changes.

Skip the HTML Editing

When the Internet first truly came to pass, HTML served as the primary form of coding. Since that time, more and more companies and Web designers have moved away from it. The coding process is simply far too difficult and complex for anyone outside of a Web design major to understand. With HTML, it takes a full line of code just to tell a page to be blue. As a business owner you just don’t have the kind of time needed to teach yourself coding. WordPress allows you to customize your site without this kind of knowledge.

Clean Coding Means Better SEO

The coding behind WordPress is clean and simple. By stripping away the bloat, it provides your website with several different desirable benefits. First, the lack of bloat ensures the site loads faster. A slow loading website is more likely to send visitors away than anything else, so speed is important. Second, search engines like a clean interface with less coding to weigh it down. This in turn helps to boost your search engine rankings. While there are many other factors concerning SEO we can help you with, every little improvement in SEO counts.

Customize Everything

With WordPress, you can customize everything. There isn’t a pixel on your site you can’t change, should you feel the need. So, whether you want a complete overhaul of the current look or just want to edit a few aspects, you can change and customize these specifics.


It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, having a blog is important. A blog makes it possible to interact with your customers and helps to generate traffic from visitors you typically couldn’t bring in. Your blog also helps with SEO as it gives you a constantly updating page, so Google and other search engines scan your site more often. Blogging is built-in with your WordPress company website.

At Simplemachine, we’re here to customize your online presence and to give visitors to your content the best internet experience around. So no matter the kind of business you run or the extent of help you need, we’re just a phone call or email away. Contact us now! We’re here to assist in your online presence and internet marketing needs.

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