It’s 2015…Why Don’t You Have A Responsive Web Design?

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The Tragedy of Unresponsive Websites

With the influx of mobile advertising in the last year alone, not utilizing responsive web design could be a huge disadvantage for your company. Proper maintenance and testing allow you to ensure that you have a viable design, which drives traffic back to your development time and time again. Web hosting services provide you with effective monitoring of these projects to ensure they are stable, reliable, and fully functional.

Websites are still one of the most important information sources your business has. While they are still an important part of doing business, The Rise of Mobile devices has resulted in some design changes that have to be considered. Because people are now using their mobile devices more than ever, the designs of the past may no longer be suited to supporting these type of devices.

One of the design changes that websites have to face is being able to be seen on smaller screens. Because mobile screens are smaller than a standard computer screen, a website may not show off its best assests on these smaller devices. Issues in the format, layout and font can easily become problems. This is one type of design challenge that Responsive Web Design will resolve when adapting to a mobile client base.

Another design change that has to be considered is the use of ads. Because pages are smaller, there is less space for ads. If this is a source of revenue for your business website, this can translate to less revenue for those accessing the site from a mobile device. If you don’t fundamentally change your website layout to accommodate the changes in screen size, all your customers may see is ads. Once your site becomes associated with just showing ads, it loses much of its credibility. Thus, Web Design in 2015 should be focused on including these changes to keep your revenue stream in tact, but without looking like spam pages.

What You Should Know

The Rise of Mobile has presented business owners with the opportunity to capitalize on a wider market. According to reports released by media giants such as Forbes, companies have indicated that web designs have been at least fourteen percent effective in driving traffic to their developments. Additionally, statistics prove that social media outlets Facebook and Twitter have higher numbers of users who advertise their companies and services.

These statistics imply that Facebook is used at a rate of ninety-four percent, and Twitter was used at eighty-three percent in 2014 alone. With the increase in mobile devices and their functionality, these rates could increase to great heights in 2015. This presents business owners with Responsive Web Design with the opportunity to share links to their websites through these outlets.

What to Expect in 2015

Web Design in 2015 will encompass significant changes across the board. For instance, redirect links will increase in numbers and become more effective. With mobile technology in mind, content shared within these designs will present readers with more information, which is clear and concise. Imagery will change to include photographs and elements that are most appealing to your target demographic.

An assessment of the direction in which mobile technology is moving presents you with information needed when generating an effective web design. As you learn more about popular trends, you discover the best choices to promote your business. If you need to find out more about changes in web design, you should contact Simplemachine today.  Be sure to check back- Our next article will focus on the design trends expected in 2015.

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